DEI 613: Design Project (1): BrainStorming and Sketching

In this stage of the project our group began to brainstorm and share our individual ideas on what we plan to create. My plan is to create a crossbow or spear for the Na’vi. I believe both equipment would allow the process of hunting and fighting much easier. Rather than using two hands, a crossbow can shoot with just as much force with just a simple pull of a trigger. As for the spear it simply gives the Na’vi longer reach.

Please bare with my lack of artistic skill. I’m sure the end result would look much better. What I’m planning is making a very basic cross bow without any screws. So then main thing is to cut the wood pieces precisely so that each piece would together like a puzzle. The only thing I would need for this project is a table saw, string, few pieces of wood and sander.

This is my idea of a spear. All It would take is for me to go outside find a nice thick branch and break it off. Then I would need a sandpaper to smooth the branch out. After that I’ll just a knife to create my sharp point in the end. The pink is a string that I would tie around the spear in order to provide additional grip for the holder of the weapon.

Well wish me luck! This seems like it’s going to be an expensive project but hopefully can make a functional crossbow with a student budget.

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