DEI 613: Design Project (1): Building the Armour.

How will the armour be built? In the world of Pandora it would be out of Hammerhead Titanothere leather. Hammerhead is twice the size of an elephant, has very thick skin and is basically a rhinoceros-like animal species. Jack Scully didn’t shoot the one he came across because he was warned by Grace not to because he would only anger it. Basically argue that his gun is powerless against such a beast. That must mean the Hammerhead Titanothere must have a very thing hide.

I imagine that we would take the hammerhead hide, cut it out to the shape of an armour and then layer the pieces in order to make thick armour. This armour can be either tied together with the vines found in Pandora or glued together with the natural sticky nectar found in the forest.

Unfortunately I do not have access to Hammerhead Titanothere leather or Pandora. So for my prototype I plan on using cardboard. Basically I would cut out the shapes I need for the body armour, string them together, and then paint it. Sounds simple enough right? Well lets hope so!

Next time you read this blog, we will be building the prototype.

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