DEI 613: Design Project (1): Cardboard Idea Is a No Go

Last time I mentioned I was thinking of building my armour out of cardboard. Unfortunately the cut out did not look as good as I thought it would. I forgot to take a picture because I threw out the box in frustration but found something similar online.

The cutout above does not look exactly like the cutout I created but it does replicated my disappointment. One of the first thing that made me change my mind about using cardboard was the flimsy feel to the cardboard. Also I did not believe that the paint would radiant an armour look, especially with all the folds and lines in the armour, similar to the ones above.

Originally I was debating between cardboard, foam and plastic, but now I’m certain on which route I want to pursue. Cardboard did not workout like I hoped it would and plastic seems like it would be difficult to cut. By process of elimination I’ve decided that foam would be the best choice of action.

Follow me on my next blog to see the process of creating the foam armour for the Na’vi.

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