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There is no question — appearing on the first page of a search engine is a standard test of success. While the giants of the shredding industry continue to dominate page one, an opportunity arises for independently-owned companies to compete online.

Competing for space above the fold online has increased the complexity of marketing practices and customer acquisitions for shredding companies. At first glance, the small, independently-owned shredders have an uphill battle when attempting to compete for space online. However, those looking to embrace change and marketing tactics will find opportunity in partnering with companies that have digital marketing expertise to enhance their own business practices.

Three primary reasons exist why independently-owned shredding companies should feel empowered by the wave of digital marketing.

  • Exploit pricing and service weaknesses — Small shredding companies cannot change their size, nor can they impact the size of the larger shredding companies in the industry. However, the giant size of large shredders is often paired with rigid pricing rules, often the industry’s highest, with no ability for their salespeople to deviate. Each time a customer isn’t happy with their experience, whether it be price or delayed service, a negative review is placed online impacting the large company’s image and sales. By offering operational excellence to their customers, small shredders reach better success rates with transforming one-time customers into long-term.
  • Pockets of customers emerge as the result of shredding giants — Large shredding companies are selective in the customers they want. While big budgets enable superior SEO and click through rates, it’s what they do with the clicks that matters. It’s easy for smaller shredding companies to prosper from the “rejects” of giants. Two to four small customers clustered together can be far more profitable than one large customer.
  • 68 percent of people searching for shredding services are Millennials and GenXers — It’s no surprise this age group is searching for shredding services online. Small shredding companies have the opportunity to develop differentiated websites from the shredding giants, offering a friendlier, more local, approach to interacting on the web.

The prices and services of a small shredding company are often times more competitive than the shredding giants, which is why partnering with digital marketing companies is imperative for enabling small shredders to collectively compete online.

Shred Nations allows the small dogs to compete with the shredding industry giants,” said Rand LeMarinel, Vice President of Marketing at Shred Nations. “Our entire business model revolves around dominating the web and enabling growth for the entirety of the shredding industry. Success for us is equipping the 2,000 contractors in our network with viable, sales-ready referrals each day.”


About Shred Nations

Shred Nations is a wholly owned entity of DataGuard USA LLC. Shred Nations is a digital marketing organization focused on providing the owners and managers of independently owned shredding companies with immediate business opportunities to enable sales growth. With a network of more than 2,000 shredding locations across North America, and more than 200,000 shredding inquires annually, Shred Nations is a leader in enabling growth for independently-owned shredding companies.

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