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An invoice is an important business document that a business sends to a client denoting an obligation to pay a stipulated sum for goods and services provided. The tool is highly useful in tracking transactions and expenses, checking inventory and aiding the release of monthly or periodical financial reports. The authenticity and legality of the invoice also means it can be used in the court of law to argue cases involving unpaid debts and for establishing the legitimacy of a debt. The bill is popular with vendors, suppliers, salespeople and various businesses. The invoice contains several fields needed to complete a transaction, these include:

  • The heading
  • The payer’s and payee’s name
  • Address
  • Itemized list of goods or services
  • Date of issue
  • Invoice number
  • Terms of payment

Different organizations and individuals use different strategies to process and deliver invoices. With the advancement in technology, a growing number of businesses are adapting the latest invoice software and online invoice templates to process and deliver invoices via fax, mail, email and other delivery systems. A professional looking invoice can help legitimize your business and save time and money. Sites such as allow users to download, create and print PDF invoices to various parties. The PDF templates come in various formats including .PDF, .XLS and .DOC. The templates can be accessed and submitted at any time after. The other benefits of using invoice templates include:

  1. Provides proper billing details — the invoice expressively provides proof of expenditure. If you are involved in a complex transaction that entails huge sums of money, you can use a detailed invoice template with all the necessary titles to document the bill. This information can be used to inform the client about the goods or services he or she is being billed and to justify the final charges.
  2. Professionalism — growing number of businesses, including Fortune 500 firms and SME’s are finding it much easier to conduct business with clients using online invoices. This is especially true in cases where huge amounts of money exchange hands frequently. Unlike the traditional method of sending an email notification or reminder, submitting a professional invoice detailing how much the client owes you will make you look more updated, up to the task and professional.
  3. It is a proper record keeping practice — an invoice is an important tool for keeping records of income and expenses. You can also use your invoices to manage your budget and keep records for tax purposes in case the taxman or auditors come knocking at the door. Since the invoice information is readily available on the invoice template or storage system, you can easily retrieve it, print for hard copies or submit it to the designated client or party whenever it is requested.
  4. The security of information — the companies that provide online invoice templates for order, always work around the clock to ensure the information is safe and secure. This is the reason why all the communication entered between the parties in the transaction is secured using SSL encryption and other forms of information security such as a secured web server to limit unauthorized access and other breaches.
  1. Invoice templates are highly adaptable and easily accessible — invoicing templates are highly adaptable because they are designed to cater for different individual and business preferences along with the various demands of the modern workplace. This means you get everything from invoicing online to invoicing through snail mail. Secondly, when you send an online invoice, you are able you reach your customers in an instant.

This is unlike sending mail through the post office, which may take several days. The whole process is designed to push through quicker payments because several payment options such as pay later, PayPal and credit cards are always available to the client. Invoicing templates can easily be accessed online via a simple Google search. For increased convenience, many invoice templates also come with apps.

  1. Helps you keep up with changing times — in the olden days, every item in a transaction was written on its own receipt. Although the practice is still pervasive today, the whole process of compiling receipt after receipt, using carbon paper to make copies and manually compiling the receipts in the cabinet is to say the list slow and tasking.

The other problem businesses have to contend with under this scenario is being forced to provide sufficient storage space, manpower and time to locate the documents. With invoice templates, your work is well cut out, all you need to do is enter your details in the form provided and save you’re your file. The process saves time, ensures easy reference, takes a very small space and submission is fast.

  1. Invoicing templates are well structured — invoice templates come with various structures to suit various purposes. Some come with a clear skeleton or standard structure, while others feature a comprehensive design and layout that can be customized. A well-designed template can guarantee you a better customer experience and a perfect ground to receive quick payments for your goods and services.
  2. Environmental responsibility — as someone who is conscious about the environment, using the template invoices will go a long way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint on the environment.

Online Invoice Template Review

Modern technology has made it easier to conduct business from anywhere at your own convenience. Today, you can use a well-adapted electronic system to process and send invoices and receive payments through electronic fund transfer or various online banking procedures available once the payment is approved. A professional invoice template service is quick, easy and will save a lot of your valuable time. The system also allows you to use your own logo, enjoy a wide collection of template designs and a host of services including free and unlimited plans. To get started, simply choose the right invoice template service and download the pdf invoice provided to wow your clients.

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