For the second, consecutive year, WiziShop has been working with tens of influential eCommerce experts in order to offer to online retailers an exclusive and unique eBook to help them succeed online in 2016.

For the new edition of its eBook, Wizishop has seen the big picture and got together international experts from different fields. In total, 37 leading figures recognized for their expertise and experience in the eCommerce and marketing sector, have answered the call! Therefore, this eBook offers an overview of all the new features, trends and opportunities of the market.

A rich and unprecedented book of influential eCommerce experts

Grégory Beyrouti, Founder & CEO of WiziShop, an eCommerce solution

“If 2015 was all about personalized marketing, then 2016 is the year of targeted eCommerce traffic”, declares Aseem Badshah, Socedo’s founder and CEO.

This eBook covers very different topics such as user experience, SEO, social selling, mobile and a lot more. The solution is proving its desire to galvanize the ecosystem and to make the eCommerce accessible to everyone.

The plurality of the profiles enables to discover the whole levers linked to the eCommerce, from the customer acquisition to the conversion, readers will be able to pick up among all those tips to get the most relevant ones for their business, to exploit and test them in order to optimize their strategy.

Among the experts present in this eBook, you’ll find big names such as Abhiroop Basu (Zendesk), Elena Terenteva (SEMrush), as well as the toys giant Toys’R’Us with Mireya Masclans, Operations eCommerce Manager, who makes us the honor to give her best tip regarding the importance of the omnichannel in 2016.

The WiziTeam is also part of the adventure, Michele Mossali, Tiphaine Vey, Alexandre Viale, Barbara Libdri, and myself have given our best tips in our area of expertise (public relations, SEO, user experience, Social Media …).

An eCommerce eBook offered by WiziShop

This eBook is a real goldmine for online retailers looking to boost their activity in 2016 and free of charge. To download it you’ll just need to share the link on the social network of your choice. Just a few clicks are necessary and you’ll be guided at every steps until you get the precious in your hands, or at least on your screens!

“Fantastic tips from different experts, really helped me to boots my marketing campaign”

Some readers had the opportunity to read the eBook in preview showing, here is their feedback:

“Fantastic tips from different experts, really helped me to boots my marketing campaign. I like the idea of gift cards and social media hashtag. Also good to see that every expert have done some research before they come up with their tips which really add values to their suggestion, I am looking forward to it”, declares M. Iqbal from Ocular Fashion.

“37 Expert tips to succeed in eCommerce in 2016 is a must-read for everyone who wants to get into the eCommerce market. Lots of experts have contributed, giving you a large overview of strategies to put in place. You can download it without any risks!”, declares G. Dabi-Schwebel from 1m30 agency.

Downloading this eBook means driving your business to success in 2016!

I invite you to download the eBook “37 Expert tips to succeed in eCommerce in 2016” by clicking on the button below:

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