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Did you ever wish you could have coffee with some of the most successful young women entrepreneurs? Get a peek into how they face challenges, find the courage to strike out on their own, cope with daunting workloads and doubting family and friends? Well, now you have the next best thing.

In GO AGAINST THE FLOW: WOMEN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, AND SUCCESS (Urbane Publications, February, 2016, paperback) Charu Sharma — a noted entrepreneur herself — brings together some of the most daring young women who are making their mark in fields ranging from robotics to medical technology to dance. They include Noor Siddiqui, CEO of Remedy, a start-up that harnesses the latest technology to help healthcare practitioners better communicate; Sarah Wood, founder of UnrulyMedia.com, the leading global platform for social video marketing; and Annie Ryu, founder of Global Village Fruit, a company that is helping communities gain value from produce that would otherwise go to waste. While some of the contributors boast Ivy League MBAs others are college drop-outs; some have bootstrapped their companies and other have appeared on — and won — Shark Tank.

Go Against the Flow,” is more than a book, says Charu, “it’s a movement that aims to inspire women to take intelligent risks, trust their vision, and develop leadership skills.” In addition to editing this collection of wisdom from the top women entrepreneurs, Charu also produced a documentary about them in late 2015 and a Huffington Post interview series (More: www.GoAgainsttheFlow.com). The Go Against the Flow initiative has been championed by cutting-edge companies like LinkedIn (who hosted the premier of the documentary); and respected women entrepreneurs, including Kimber Lockhart, Joanne Wilson, Chris Yeh and Joanna Shields.

About Charu Sharma


Charu Sharma is an award-winning entrepreneur, explorer and author based in Silicon Valley. With 5 National Awards, expeditions to all 7 continents, over 600 stage shows, and two startups, this prodigy was enlisted as a “Power Woman” alongside such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Gandhi, and Melinda Gates by Youth Incorporated magazine in March 2012.Charu built two startup companies from her college dorm room before getting recruited by LinkedIn.

Charu realized that other young women around her were seeking traditional career paths because they did not have exposure to the entrepreneurial path or access to the right female mentors. To solve this, Charu brought together audacious women entrepreneurs and founded the Go Against the Flow movement — through her book, documentary film and Huffington Post Q&A series- to inspire other millennial women to take intelligent risks and consider building their own startup companies.

Charu grew up in Mumbai and went on to study Economics and Physics at Mount Holyoke College in USA on a scholarship; she holds business certificates from Stanford and Dartmouth. She organized TEDxRiverNorth in Chicago, and she has spoken at two TEDx conferences on risk-taking and entrepreneurship respectively. Charu holds black-belts in Karate and Taekwondo and she has penned a travel memoir Far From Shore. She enjoys adventure sports, ballroom dancing and reading philosophy in her free time.

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