Running a small business requires an army of dedication, organization, and multitasking skills. When you find yourself shuffling through paperwork late at night trying to find something that’s eluding you- you may think to yourself that there must be an easier way. There are easier methods to the madness. Technology has allowed us to streamline tasks with online forms and reduce the time spent on manual activities. JotForm is the easiest online form builder where you can create custom forms in minutes. It’s also completely free to try. If you make effective use of online forms, you can free up valuable time that you can spend on running your business instead of menial data entry.

Increase Signups

When you get a visitor to your website, you want them to take an action. They may sign up for your product or service, add themselves to your newsletter list, make a purchase, or find out more about your company. Every button on your website should be optimized for conversions. Make sure your “sign up” button, “subscribe now” button, or any other call to action is clean and easy to find. Is the font and color scheme legible and clear? Is the call-to-action button unambiguous and concise? If you’re not sure which copy is better (and it is certainly not “submit”), then test two or more versions and implement the winner.

Make Communication More Effective

If you’re looking for a classic contact form for your website that just calls for a visitor’s email address and message, then fine, there are ways that you can make the design more professional and enticing. Like featuring a logo, company colors, a sleek interface that looks modern and conveys the high standards that your company is looking to project. Or, perhaps you need a little more information from your visitors.

For example, If you’re a photographer and you’d like some basic information about a potential client before following up with them, then you can add form fields to your contact form to make the process of seeing if they’re a good fit easier. They can select a date or date range in a drop-down calendar, and perhaps check off a few boxes about what kind of photoshoot they’re looking for.

Make Checkout a Breeze

The holy grail of online interactions is the prized purchase. With JotForm, you can make a custom payment form that integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and other payment options. Emphasize ease of use with clean form fields that ask the minimum, but essential information. Group together relevant sections like shipping address, billing address, and any other categories that you’d like to include. If you like, you can add a notification that alerts your visitors if an item is low in stock or sold out. Make the user experience exactly what you want it to be, or choose a pre-made template from JotForm’s dozens of options.

If you’re spending heaps of time on responding to emails one by one and asking for follow-up information that a client would’ve provided upon first request, or wondering people are landing on your sign-up page without actually signing up — consider that it may be the form. Use online form best practices and watch your business grow.

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