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What is YOUNGRY?

YOUNGRY is an entrepreneur media company whose mission is to unite the entrepreneurship ecosystem with a democratized platform for entrepreneurship news, original video programming, and e-commerce products. Kind of like the ESPN for entrepreneurship!

YOUNGRY Version 1 is what will be created through the funds raised in their current equity crowdfunding campaign. YOUNGRY version 1 will be a content site with editorials and a site where communities can promote/support each other.


The Founders

YOUNGRY was founded by Ash Kumra and Ankur G. Garg. Ankur thought of the idea and brought Ash along to help bring YOUNGRY into fruition. Ash is a two time White House award winning entrepreneur as well as an author, public speaker, and talk show host. Ankur is a globally recognized entrepreneur, who has created some of the largest movements in social media today. His latest success is a company called Shredz, which started out packing supplements in-home, but now has become a mogul fitness empire!

Ash and Akur decided to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign so the YOUNGRY’s user base (entrepreneurs, mentors, investors) can invest and be an early supporter from day one. is in partnership with AngelList.

The Mission

YOUNGRY wants to be a support system for entrepreneurs and empower them so they can make the world a better place. Ash and Ankur along with an all-star group of advisors/entrepreneur celebrities understand the thrills and trials of the entrepreneurship lifestyle. YOUNGRY will celebrate all the aspects of the infamous entrepreneurial lifestyle.

YOUNGRY wants to build a community not just users. YOUNGRY wants to unite the entrepreneurship ecosystem across the country by providing a content platform that compels entrepreneurs and inspires them to continue working on their project. Advisors/investors will provide that content and give entrepreneurs tips and mentorship in order to succeed. Instead of using ads as their primary revenue model, YOUNGRY wants to promote and sell helpful products/services like books, articles, webinars, and events. YOUNGRY already has signed an e-commerce deal with Amazon’s Exclusive Program and secured Startup Drugz as a product partner!

The Movement

YOUNGRY is about creating a brand, a movement. YOUNGRY wants to inspire and uplift. Any entrepreneur has felt lonely or wondered if others understand what he or she wants to do. YOUNGRY wants to let them know that they are not alone. YOUNGRY wants to provide mentors, events, and a common goal to the entrepreneurship community; create a movement to let entrepreneurs know they are not alone and that they can succeed. Youngry will allow entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs and give entrepreneurs access to great content, and products. YOUNGRY has done events in New York, Chicago, and California. Through these events they connect with those who are interested and help grow their movement.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

It is important to the founders to use Title III for YOUNGRY because Title III has not been used for media companies. They wanted to break the mold and prove that a media company campaign can do just as well as a campaign pushing a physical product. YOUNGRY is gaining momentum and the YOUNGRY team is working hard to connect more of the entrepreneurship community with YOUNGRY’s movement. From YOUNGRY’s success, the founders hope to inspire others to use Title III. YOUNGRY is currently doing an Equity Crowdfunding AKA Title III REG CF deal on As of September 12th, 2016, YOUNGRY has officially hit 60% of their goal!, YOUNGRY’s equity crowdfunding platform, is promoting companies that have a social movement. The founders of YOUNGRY connect with the story of one of the founders of, Ken Nguyen. He immigrated to the U.S., became interested in entrepreneurship, joined AngelList, and when Title III came out Ken really wanted to do what AngelList does, but democratize it. is backed by AngelList and founded by AngelList alumni.


Upcoming Events:


Youngry Campaign Finale Event & “Rock Bottom To Rock Star” Book Launch Event!

Attend an exclusive event celebrating national entrepreneur media company Youngry’s crowdfunding campaign close and the official launch of best selling entrepreneur author, Youngry investor & Visalus CEO Ryan Blair’s new book Rock Bottom Rock Star!

When: September 26th at 6 PM

Where: UCI Applied Innovation- The Cove


Join us at the 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention!

The 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention (GCC) is several weeks away! The 2016 GCC will bring together successful entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, angel investors, and founders of high-growth startups, in a one-of-a-kind, educational setting.

The GCC is currently offering startups 60% off its regular ticket price through the month of September. This special ticket rate is only $350 USD.

When: October 15–17th

Where: Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

YOUNGRY is also honored to have Co-founder/CEO Ash Kumra emcee part of this event!

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