The Enlightened Era of Human Relationships

Hello Dear Friends and Explorer’s of Human Possibility.

What an epic, exciting journey we’re all on together.

If you’re reading this, some part of you is in touch with the aspect of yourself that is solely focused on expansion (or evolution). The fact that a new idea even interests you is direct proof that you are connected to the evolutionary impulse within yourself — This is great, this truly is the most powerful force within each of us. It is consciousness, it is universal flow, it is psychological development, it is the process of “enlightenment”, it is at some level, ultimate realization.

**Where I speak in blunt terms and perhaps seemingly insulting, my only purpose is to shake us out of our old limiting patterns of thinking. I operate solely with love, compassion and understanding. Love does not always take the form of softness and subtlety, it takes all forms where the intention is pure and in complete service to others.

I can’t say this in a more straightforward, seemingly stubborn way, based on my own understanding… Expectations are a safety bubble that YOU have created in order to protect yourself, and give you a sense of certainty as a person. They are a protection mechanism from the fears that rest within yourself. I’m not here to make you feel good, I’m here to set you free, I’m here to give you the permission to give yourself the possibility to feel as amazing as you choose to feel, for the rest of your life.

Expectations are the limitation of relationships and the limitation of self expansion.

Let me give you this example and we’ll start diving a little deeper together.

Take for example a group of teenage girls (forgive any stereotypes I may or may not imply here). These girls are great friends, they have fun, they gossip, they party together, they support each other when one is upset, and pretty much all the time they do everything together.

Here are a list of some expectations that exist within this group of friends (they’re basically assumed rules of the group you could say):

  • When I’m upset, my friend/s will support me
  • My friends won’t talk about me behind my back
  • My friends won’t cheat on me
  • My friends won’t do things without me — They’ll include me
  • My friends will tell me about their latest gossip
  • My friends won’t leave me for other friends
  • My friends won’t say things that hurt me
  • My friends won’t do anything sudden that might hurt me
  • My friends will tell me the things I want to hear about myself and help me feel good
  • My friends won’t steal from me

For most of us, when we are established within either an intimate relationship or a group of friends, we feel better about ourselves. Our sense of belonging, our feelings of significance and worthiness rise. We feel accepted, we feel more confident as a person. We start to realize (at some level) the underlying truths that exist simply as a being on this planet — That we are significant, we are worthy, we are accepted, loved and have value. That we purposefully belong.

So look at this set of expectations (rules) of this group of girls. With these set in place (and many more), based on this accepted behavior of the girls of this group, they all get a set of guarantees about themselves as individuals. Meaning that, “knowing that we’re going to treat each other this way, I know that I am going to feel — Validated, worthy, significant, loved, accepted etc.”

These truths ALREADY exist as a human being, yet within the context of this group each of the girls has used the response from each one their friends in order to feel this way about themselves. Meaning, they believe all this stuff to be true about themselves when they are treated a certain way by their friends.

This can be translated as — “When the outside world responds to me like this, then I feel accepted, significant and worthy.”

Beautiful. At the baseline level of living this is ideal. It supports us, helps us to integrate with life.

At the transcendent, expansive level of our being this is horrible and incredibly limiting.

We’ve used something “external” to who we are to validate our existence. It’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode that we’re working our arses off to keep adding time to.


What if one of the girls kisses a guy she likes?

Kisses her boyfriend?

What if all her friends leave the country?

What if her parents take her to move to a new city?

What if her friends tell her that they don’t like her anymore? That she’s ugly, that they don’t want to be friends with her?

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Anger and resentment, or doubt, depression and sadness. The structures that kept this person’s sense of self intact have been completely destroyed.

It was like pulling the chair out from under her 20ft off the ground. She’s got a looooong way to fall. There’s no safety net because she set up these expectations as the safety net for her identity as a person. That’s not cool. All that significance, acceptance, love, validation she was feeling about herself has vanished, disappeared into doubt, self-sabotage, isolation and separation from the love and connection that she really is.


We all set up expectations (both subtly and significantly) in our relationships as safety nets, as external validations of the truth you were born with.

Now I’m not saying you should feel good when a friend betrays you, or cheats on you, or steals from you, it takes a great level of mastery to not go through some form of emotional response. But I’m giving the power back to you and saying that you absolutely do not need to react to any of these things.

Please, sincerely ask yourself this now… This is very very important.

If you were insanely grounded in who you are as a person.
If you were so complete in your love with yourself.
If you knew nothing could give or take from you more love than you already are.
If you knew nothing gave you more or less significance as a person. You claimed your significance as a human being.
If you knew you are 100% accepted as a person, no matter on circumstances.
If you knew that you are infinitely worthy. No matter what you do or don’t do.
If you knew that you were connected at a level far beyond our three dimensional reality.
If you knew that you were far more than just a temporary human being.
If you knew that you are an infinitely powerful creator.
If you knew that the fact that you exist as yourself is direct proof that you are already accepted.
If you knew that your life has very great purpose.
If you knew that life supported you always.
If you knew that you can create and become anything you desire.
If you knew that no one, no thing, no situation can make you feel anything that you do not wish to feel.

Would you need to hold any expectation toward anyone?

… Absolutely not. You know that no-thing can harm you, hurt you, validate or invalidate your existence.

So…what would be the purpose of relationships?

Expansion, co-creation and the joy of experiencing life with another unique aspect of ourselves.

Relationships would last as long as they would last, and would end perfectly when they need to, free from pain and resentment.

Relationships would be vastly expansive.

Relationships would free one another not burden one another.

Relationships would be centered in joy.

We would never hold a grudge or a judgement.

So my friends, this is the era of relationship we are shifting towards. We are claiming our godliness, our power and our joy, and using relationships as a further expression of this.

I sincerely believe that when we shift our paradigm on the purpose of human relationships, they become the single greatest opportunities to expand as individuals and they teach us so much about all the limitations and emotional imbalances we hold within ourselves.

I certainly still experience many learning opportunities both within my friendships and intimate relationship, but where I have massively transcended is that I don’t use any of my relationships as a safety net to feel like I am more or less than I already am. That’s between me and me.

I have no problem letting relationships go and I find it effortless to create new ones. I hold no grudges and I learn endlessly within all my relationships. My love has never been more expansive, free, joyful and powerful than it is today, and this relationship I co-create with my girlfriend Susann is such a beautiful opportunity for both expression and self-realization.

So, dear friends, I’ve shown a vision for what we’re evolving towards and I’ve showed the illusion of acceptance and significance that we’ve used relationships for many times in our lives. The choice is yours now. With awareness comes the opportunity for expansion. Let yourself see the truth. What are you using expectations for? What are you not realizing and claiming within yourself right now.

You are love, you are the entire universe with a fragment of it’s awareness completely identified as the person that you are. You are so powerful, so unique, so special, so creative, so expansive and you have your own unique evolutionary pathway to explore whilst here on earth as the person you are today.

I love you unconditionally as the uniqueness that you are.

Anthony Thompson.

For questions and connection:

The more we ask and inquire, the more we learn together.

Please share this message if you know this era of human relationships to be coming. Let us use our relationships as expressions of our joy, and amazing opportunities for self expansion and realization.

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Here is a testimonial from one client Daniel:

“After our conversation, my life has been blown open.

Everything makes sense, I finally know what it’s like to “know” with my whole being. I’ve always planned, set goals and agonized over my future, but all of this has totally dissolved. I trust myself and feel in my body when it’s time to so something and everything has unfolded perfectly by following these threads.

For the first time, I feel like I’ve finally let go and started to dance with life.

My whole life now has been just pure joy, filled with a deep trust that I am always going to be okay, I can’t not be okay. This has made room for incredible curiosity and excitement in each day. Thank you Anthony”

I don’t coach to make you feel good. I don’t coach so I can pay my bills. 
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