The Andela Bootcamp

All Boot, No Camp

“Brace Yourselves...” Captured from the Andela website, Hire page

As I write this I happen to be fortunate enough to have been shortlisted for the Andela Pre-Fellowship Bootcamp. A mere two days into the first week and I have found it packed full of activity and interaction that stretches my abilities to the limit.

Andela has done a great job structuring its learning curriculum into concrete sections with the aim of teaching new lessons everyday and testing the impact of those lessons along the way.

The skills I’ve learned so far are in two main categories:

  1. Behavioral skills
  2. Technical skills

Good Behavior is NOT Overrated!

A more polite bunch of people I have never encountered. The administration definitely understands that a courteous team is a productive team and seeks to make it so with courses that teach you skills to stay positive, help others, be helped by others, and always say: ‘please, thank you and you’re welcome’.

‘Seek feedback’ is a constant mantra here because you can only improve when someone else points out what you’re doing wrong. Although you should try not to be on the receiving end of that too much or you might find yourself left behind.

Practice Makes Perfect

…or as close to it as we can ever get.
Every day has a new coding challenge meant to teach specific skills in mastering the science and art of Programming Logic, Version Control, Test Driven Development, Object Oriented Programming and of course, Collaboration.

A plethora of tools supports the Learning Path for each of these vital niches of Software Development along with more online resources than you can hold in your browser!

Captured from the Andela website, Hire Page


If you aim to be a tech leader then this is definitely the place for you. Progress occurs exponentially and even two days into it gives you that much more value. The end of Bootcamp for this iteration will be a day to mark because of the amazing people who will be turned out into the world, whether they join the Fellowship or not.

To Andela and my awesome Learning Facilitator, I give Kudos!