Productivity Lessons from Time Tracking and Pomodoros
Jeffrey Lam

Nice post, and thanks for sharing your process and schedule.

Personally I don’t need pomodoro as much because if I set my priorities in advance, I tend to get in the flow and don’t get distracted.

I have also been doing daily, weekly and monthly reviews for what I did or did not do.

Distractions do me a lot of harm if I haven’t taken the time to decide my priorities for the day, or if I have more on my plate than I can handle.

Apart from productivity methods, one of the things that greatly help my focus and productivity levels is waking up early. I just love having that time to myself and for learning.

In fact waking early was my goal for July. I have been partly successful in it – I did get up early many times but it hasn’t become a permanent habit yet. So I guess that’s what I will be doing for August.

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