What is Log? How significant? Or on the other hand is it only a log?

Richard Lao
Aug 30, 2019 · 4 min read

Hello companions! “What is Log? For what reason should it be kept?” Computer Act New about the organization is out. “Your organization has kept the Log?”

Is an inquiry I generally hear when I pose to companions who begin an organization with well meaning goals obviously, I advised my companion to look in Ago and would grumble back to me. “I didn’t see it by any means. There are just log pictures and logarithm conditions. “

Valid as companions state There is almost no data on digital security contemplates. What’s more, I am now working here Therefore might want to share learning about Log which does not mean the log the same number of individuals get it.

What is a log? For what reason must it be put away?

Do you guys know the “black box” on every plane? Why is he mentioned? …. Yes, yes. Is there to record various events that occur When encountering unexpected problems or problems that cannot be identified This black box will answer the incident while the plane is traveling from the beginning to the destination to see what has happened. Which is comparable to CCTV cameras, CCTV according to 7–11 or in various department stores The presence of CCTV is to record evidence if there is an unusual situation to search for the date, time or time of the incident to be used as evidence in finding the offender to punish. Or even helping to analyze various events to prevent unusual events like that from happening again

How important is Log?

Friends, you can already guess what the log is … .. Correct. Log or in the language of the law that “Computer traffic information” When an unusual event occurs in our company’s cyber systems, Log is here to find the cause and solve the problem for us. Log can search to find the source of events from past to present that is the cause. Of problem Traces of offense And can finally realize the true culprit Like Logan, Log can identify and cause incidents of offenses such as human crimes such as fraud, data theft, computer posting, commenting Including defamation in the cyber world It is also able to identify the offending events caused by unwanted programs, such as computer network infection throughout the network. Or the whole country Here, you can see right? What is Log and how important is it? Is not just a piece of wood that floats in the middle of the sea

What does the look like of Log look?

Now, you presumably need to recognize what the log I’m discussing is the way it will be an image or a video. Like a CCTV camera? Not in any way. Log is only a content or typical content. The organization of the content will change contingent upon the gadget.

date=2019–03–13 time=20:33:49 devname=FIREWALL devid=FGT80C39148683022 logid=”00000004556″ type=”traffic” subtype=”forward” level=”notice” vd=”root” srcip= srcport=56085 srcintf=”VLAN_101″ dstip= dstport=443 dstintf=wan1 sessionid=16994506 proto=6 action=”allow” policyid=3 policytype=”policy” dstcountry=”Hong Kong” srccountry=”Reserved” trandisp=”noop” service=”HTTPS” duration=2 sentbyte=0 rcvdbyte=2663 sentpkt=0 rcvdpkt=7 appcat=”unscanned”

From the content above, is a case of the Fortigate Firewall gadget log. It is a log that demonstrates the web use of an individual in the association for 1 time on the PC, called 1 Event or Line. ) For instance, playing Open a Web Browser and entering www.google.com is considered as 1 Event. Numerous individuals are pondering, “Goodness, do exercises on the web just once. Is this log long?” So this string Think about it for no particular reason. One individual in the association will utilize more than one occasion on the web. Obviously, there must be more than one individual in the association. Along these lines, the quantity of Logs in every association will be pretty much relying upon the quantity of exercises. Also, the quantity of individuals who use it


From the above article, I will outline a brief to survey your comprehension of companions as pursues.

Log records or PC traffic information are things that monitor the exercises that we use on our PC frameworks. To be utilized as proof in the indictment of criminal guilty parties in the PC framework It is additionally a wellspring of data to look for criminal wrongdoers. Log records arrive in an assortment of structures, contingent upon Equipment that we will store. 1 (Event) that the client will utilize is equivalent to 1 (Line) of the Log. On the off chance that your companions keep on believing that If we need to scan for data from the Log or use it as proof, how to discover it? It’s a great deal Probably need to peruse a large number of lines like this Not dead by any means? Next time, I will come to offer a response to my companions that on the off chance that we can keep a log record and keep it as simple as could be expected under the circumstances, bless your heart.

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