One thing I thought about when reading the unit 4 questions, before even going through the content modules were female toys. Things i used to play with including, kitchen sets, fake vacuums, and baby dolls. It seemed to me all female toys were based on the theory all girls should start from a young age to learn their place in life .. all females should learn from a young age how to become a great house wife. Although many people may not agree with this (neither do i considering its 2016!) but from my early years all i ever wanted to be when i grew up was a mom. I had no dreams, no inhibitions other than to become a teacher or social worker or psychiatrist, all of which still deal with working with children. As i grew up, i realized it was not my fault I learned to act this way. The intentions of being a great house wife came from my parents. My parents are very traditional. Especially my mom being the Asian women she is, its her “duty in life” to live for her spouse. They believe in a man supporting the family while the wife looks over the house, cleans, cooks and takes care of the kids. I was raised to believe the only thing i should be worried about in life was to take care of the man i marry and make sure my kids are fed. .. As i learn more though, i realized its not only my parents fault, it was how society made things seem, more popularly in the 50's. They plastered photos and posters of “happy house wives” while their men wore a suite and tie holding a brief case coming home to a cooked meal.

Another example I could use when stating this is my brother. My brother is 19 years old pursuing his dreams since the age of two and joined the army. (He’s currently at boot camp right now, how exciting!!) My brother obviously followed this dream because of my dad. My brother certainly shows a passion for it but I always felt the way we were raised my brother felt he had no choice other than to do something that made a man look “strong and highly respected.” My parents made it feel the male IS superior, the male must be strong and show no signs of weakness, know how to do things on his own and never ask for help, and in all circumstances a man must never cry .. otherwise society would bully. When it came to punishment, I was usually never blamed because a female “could not” be bad. When it came to me asking for something the answer was always “yes.” I always noticed, and my brother has even told me he was afraid to ask for anything because he was always rejected. This came back to the males provide theory we grew up with. My dad and mom were very reluctant on spending money on my brother because he was a male and males would eventually be able to provide for themselves .. while i would grow up and be dependent on a man once my parents stopped taking care of me. Gladly, I strayed from the 50’s tradition and am a college student, working to raise myself. When that happens and I learn to be fully independent THEN I will be interested in having a partner to equally raise a family.

When listening to the “Three Theoretical Perspectives on Socialiazation,” giving the definitions of each and then reading the question i was confused. I started giving examples for how each of these theories could be correct, like Conflict theory for Donald Trump. How he would gladly put down the benefits of others socially living to raise and maintain his social status. But thankfully, I’m not Donald Trump. The theory I most identify with is Symbolic Internationalism. The reason I feel this theory is most accurate is because i do believe the society is based and decided how a society should be is based on the interactions of everyone else in society. I think the way people act are the reasons we are placed into societal norms, and doing anything people believe are out of that societal norms range is “weird.” I would also say Symbolic Internationalism is like a 2016 standard. Things are definitely changing and peoples views are changing. When it comes to PRIDE, everyone in America is aware of it. whether you agree with it or not, being gay or lesbian is not a new thing. Its an openly discussed topic and openly seen thing. We went from people being afraid to even come out, to most people at this age understanding this is a real thing and not much mind is put towards it — and with (most) people its not shunned or put down. We changed societal norms on that one from a time way back when.