Things about Audio Cables You Have to Experience Yourself

Atif mallo
Apr 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Call me cable man - No really, I have a lot of experience using audio cables as it is part of my job and is, of course, my passion.

So, let me take this opportunity to break some myths that I learned the hard way so that my fellow cable lovers do not make that mistake.

First things firsts, there is a lot of confusing material over the internet, a lot of information can be bad at times and especially when it comes to cables.

With all this information, it is difficult to understand what to believe and what not to.

Spending on cables

Well, this is more of a debate and varies from case to case scenario.

The question is how much to really spend on cables, and the answer to this cannot simply be a yes or a no as it is dependent on many factors as there are all varieties of cables with the same basic function.

Marketers use all sorts of tactics to increase the hype of the cables and sell it for more than it is worth.

However, there are cables that are expensive and are worth every single penny so the answer is to understand your requirement and budget for the cables.

You will have to choose what is more important to you: cost, reliability, life, warranty, look, packaging and many other factors.

Analog cables

There was a time when analog cables had qualities and could be poor quality but now almost all cables are good and it is very rare that you find a bad quality cable that would break down on you so the price does not matter for analog cables.

However, things to remember include knowing that thin or narrow cables are more resistant.

The art here is to understand what do you need it for, if you need a 50 feet cable then you can work with thick cables.

On the other hand, cables for headphones would not require only thick cable and a thin cable will also be able to do the job so do not worry about the thickness of the cables for small things like headphones.

Quality materials

So, when you speak about quality materials for the cables, there is a thin line between paying for quality or paying for luxury.

Most of the time you are just paying for luxury which is not an effective investment in my opinion.

For instance, using gold for high conductivity sound fantastic but in this scenario, you are paying more for luxury and not functionally.

Cable shield

In case you are not brand conscious and like to experiment with inexpensive cables then what you need to worry about is the proper shield.

Well, it is not a very common problem but we cannot say that it doesn’t exist.

One way to check interferences issues is to try and move the cables from the source of EM — electromagnetic sources which include your router, computer etc.

In case it still doesn’t work then yes you must invest in a better-quality cable.

Once again, this is a very rare issue and hopefully will be solved very soon.

Digital cables

These cables carry just one and zero.

So, it is not that easy to understand these little guys.

These cables do not have a mid-way, they would work or they would not work.

The good thing is that the basic digital cables are not that expensive so as soon as they give up on you, you can get a cheaper option immediately.

Digital cables may give some noise or disturbance but they will get the job done.


The right cable will result in reduced jitter but this is also overblown when it comes to price.

For those of us who are not familiar with jitter then that is a change in pitch due to slightly change in timing and imperfection, most people cannot even notice but experts take seconds to notice such a thing.

A usual myth is that long cables will usually have jitter; whereas this is not the case and do not worry if you didn’t know about jitter in the first place.

Understanding cables is an art and it is not for everyone so do not worry if you do not know about cables, you can ask the salesperson for advice and support to guide you through the process.

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As it is the best audio cables supplier in the Middle East.

So, remember understanding cables is an art which is not difficult to master, also spending a lot of money in cables is not a waste of money as it will eventually benefit you in the long run and reduce the man-effort required from your end to finish the task.

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