Bridging the barriers through Uber

Though the inflation rate and unemployment rate are inversely proportional because as the unemployment rate decreases, inflation rate rises. But there should be a balance between inflation rate and unemployment rat because excess of both is very dangerous for the economy of the country. If we observe the condition of Pakistan, a considerable proportion of the population is unemployed and the basic reason for such unemployment is the lack of education. It is acceptable if society is creating the differences on the basis of education but it doesn’t mean that the illiterate persons have no right to live here. If we see the conditions of those illiterate persons in Pakistan then it is obvious that majority of them are spending their life below poverty line which deprive them even from their basic need. So, to raise the standard of their living, we took a step with the guidance of Amal Academy to help out the illiterate people.

In the previous blog, we discussed about our basic strategy which was to get a sponsorship from a company to establish a small cabin (Khokha) for the deserving illiterate persons so that they may continue the economic cycle of their lives. We also discussed five steps to execute this initiative which are following,

  1. Survey different areas in Lahore to assess the conditions of illiterate people
  2. Search the deserving persons (1 or 2)
  3. Search a company for sponsorship
  4. Write the proposal
  5. If the proposal is accepted, then install the cabin and have periodic followups

First two steps were assigned to Talha Mehmood and Muhammad Adnan, 3nd step was assigned to Atif Rasheed and 4th step was from both Atif and Maqsoom. In final step, every team member was supposed to be there.

For the sponsorship, Uber company was decided, because the extracurricular society (Halqa-e-Danish) of LUMS in which Atif is currently working as a general secretary, had previous sponsorship from Uber company. Therefore there were more chances to get sponsorship from there. Upon contacting them a times, we successfully locked an appointment in Uber office, Model town with Mr. Nadeem Ashiq,the marketing director of Uber company.

But the problem arose when they had objection on our proposal because according to them, it was not compatible with their marketing strategies. Mr. Nadeem said that this initiative would divert the attention of Uber company from current goals. Upon further discussion and negotiation about the initiatives, we finally came to that point that we should propose an idea which align with their current objectives and mission. Mr. Nadeem suggest an idea to provide him some deserving persons who want to be Uber captains as the market of Uber is gorwing and there is an intense need of Uber captains. We finalized that deal and agreed to provide them some deserving credible persons for Uber captains. After that the process of reseach and search started again and finally, Talha Mehmood shortlisted a poor deserving person named “Mr. Fateh Dad” from Quenchi area, Ferozpur road, lahore and Atif Rasheed Finalized a person named “Mr. Hameed” from Kachi Aabadi, Manawala, Near LUMS. This selection was made on a specific criteria given by Mr. Nadeem about the documents and certain requirements for rickshaws.

Afer having a followup with Mr. Nadeem, we provided the details of candidates, after having complete document and vehicle verification and interviews of candidates according to their formal procedures, Mr. Nadeem arose the question of credibility of our team. It was a valid point from their side and efficiently assured them by explaining our associations with Amal Academy, LUMS and Halqa-e-Danish(society). After having complete satisfaction Mr. Nadeem issued offer letter to both, Mr. Fateh Dad and Mr. Hameed and appointed them as uber captains. Mr. Nadeem also explained them the rules, regulations and norms of the company in front of us to avoid any hassle in future.

Mr. Fateh dad

It was really the greatest success for us because the satisfaction that we had after getting them jobs, was unable to be explained in words. Upon discussion with Mr. Nadeem about the future perspectives of this initiatives, he assured us to cooperate in future too because he is also very eager to make Pakistan great again.

Mr. Hameed

We as a team, are really thankful to Amal Academy for providing us guidance and mentoring us throughout the project and also thankful to Uber company for providing jobs to poor illiterate persons. It was really the best learning experience.