The Journey to Compliance and Beyond

While attending a blockchain conference in Korea, one person, wearing a rockstar reflective jacket, caught my eye. I read his name tag and it rang a bell in my head. …

My first time as a Davoser

The conversation began with ‘Are you going to Davos?’ ‘You mean that World Economic Forum (WEF) thing? No. Why?

Apart from hearing about #WEF on a yearly basis through media, going back as far as I can remember, I had never really taken an interest in going to #Davos. After many ventures in various markets around the world, I’ve been to enough dinners and networking events to last a lifetime, so the thought of attending more, all the while freezing on top of a mountain, really didn’t appeal. What could Davos really offer?

After that first conversation, I didn't think about it again until late in the year, when I decided to look into it more throughly. I actually ended up clicking through all the “Davos” and “WEF2019” pages that Google returned. There was hardly any public information. …

Note: Prior to entering the blockchain space, I had never written or discussed any of my business in public. My LinkedIn was never used for work and does not showcase my career. I’m still undecided if the next venture will be public or private.

Off Chain Background

Over the past 12 years I have worked in over 15 industries and travelled through 42 countries, engaging vastly different cultures, business practices and challenges.

I have never been afraid to take on a challenge. My family and friends know my passport lives in my pocket and my robust carry on bag is never unpacked. The get-go mind-set is firmly fixed in me. …

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