Sovren: Simplifying Securities

In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of a new asset class in the form of Digital Currencies. These currencies hold the promise of decentralizing the entire financial machinery by bringing the entire machinery on the blockchain. The number of investors understanding digital currencies and starting to invest in them is increasing and there is a huge possibility of bringing innovation by decentralizing and disrupting the opaque investment banking industry.

Features of Sovern platform

SOVREN is an investment platform for the Mobile Generation that has been built on Blockchain and AI technologies. The application allows the individuals to bring the traditional asset classes such as Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange together with tokenized securities on simple to use Mobile App. Sovren is going to bring the power of decentralization through its Blockchain innovation for Securities Market. It is a Europe-first, Digital Securities Trading Platform based in London that is unlocking trillions of dollars in traditional assets such as Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Real-Estate, and security-backed Cryptocurrencies through securitized tokens on its platform.

Sovern project Explained!

The Sovern project writes its motto as a platform to Trade. Pay. Borrow. Play.

Trade: The Sovern exchange will enable users to trade in stocks, gold, crypto and all other forms of tokenized securities paying 0% commission. The exchange will integrate existing tools like Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence for security, customer service, and trading services which will ensure that the highest standards in cybersecurity are met. Users can trade on varied asset classes such as Stocks, Commodities, Government Bonds, Leading Crypto Currencies, New TGE/STO tokens ensuring the entire investible market is on the platform at the single click of the user.

Pay: The Sovern platform is actively engaged in creating a payment gateway which will connect the fiat realm with the Crypto world. This integration will make it easy for merchants to accept fiat and cryptocurrencies as a payment with a simple to use API interface and the option for instant crypto to fiat conversion. Using the Sovern E-Wallet, users can pay at shops for a seamless and frictionless payment journey using their cryptocurrency.

Borrow: The platform will enable the users to lend money against their existing portfolio on the platform. This will enable traders and investors to have easy access to cheap money without having to liquidate their asset. It can lead to mainstreaming of crypto assets and recognition as a formal asset class, as people can now raise funds on the backdrop of collateralized currencies.

Play: The application will employ Virtual Customer Service and Trading Assistant Bot named Zova. They will be using Zova in combination with a human support team which will be employed in case Zova is out of bounds. They are using the latest technologies such as AI and Robotic Automation to ensure a Fair Trading environment. Using AI Sovren is able to identify any anomalies in trading patterns and then use intelligent automation for measures to prevent losses to our traders, including preventing insider trading.

Token Economics

  • Ticker: SVRN
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Additional Token Emission: No
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH

Bonus Program: Pre-Sale: Up to 40% Bonus

  • Bonus Stage 1: Up to 20% Bonus
  • Bonus Stage 2: Up to 10% Bonus

Token distribution

  • 55% — Distributed to community
  • 10% — Bounty and Marketing
  • 5% — Advisors
  • 10% — Founders and Team
  • 20% — Reserve

Funds allocation

  • 55% — Software
  • 10% — Marketing
  • 15% — Operations
  • 5% — Legal
  • 15% — Sovren Ltd


  • Pre-sale start date: 29 Sep 2018
  • Pre-sale end date: 13 Oct 2018

Token Sale

  • ICO start date: 14 Oct 2018
  • ICO end date: 17 Feb 2019
  • ICO token supply: 275,000,000

The SOVREN project is raising 55 Million US Dollars by issuing Security tokens at $1 USD each to deliver their key milestones and launch trading in Q1 2019. Each SOVREN Security token offers investors up to 10.5% dividend paid on a quarterly basis.

Sovren Roadmap

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