Number 28

28 was a really shitty year for me. I was living with my then boyfriend / now husband — in a condo, when his parents convinced him it was a good idea for us to move into their compound. His parents never liked me. When my then boyfriend / now husband relayed the idea. I was like, no. NOOOOOPPPPEE. No. But, I love him and he wanted to try living there and so I reluctantly agreed to his terrible experiment.

We moved in around March and by the weekend of my birthday we were living there. With all the gross awkwardness between his parents and I and thick slabs of tension in full gear. Right off the bat. The weekend of my birthday, then boyfriend / now husband go a job to photographing at event at the Hotel Del Coronado and we decided to make a weekend out of it.

While he was working, I decided to go into the little town. wasn’t really thinking of buying anything you know? Just browsing, checking out what the local fare would deem fashionable. When I saw this dress. This gorgeous, black and white marbled pattern dress with a plunging neckline and pockets! Ah! I love a dress with pockets! I tried it on and fell in love with it. It was JUST the thing to brighten up my spirits, because after 2 months I still hated living with his parents. And I hated the fact that I would be spending my next birthday the big 28 living in their space and breathing their air. I was very close to not having a party because I was so miserable. But this dress turned everything around for a brief sparkle of a moment.

I bought the dress and started planning for my birthday dinner. I decided a) I wanted to have dinner at my favorite restaurant and b) I wasn’t going to wear the dress until my birthday dinner. I was going to save that magic util then. The dress hung in my closet waiting for me to slip into it.

When my birthday dinner day arrived, it was a pretty shitty day. My then boyfriend / now husband got into a huge fight on the way there. My hairdresser double booked me and I was not happy about how. my hair looked. We had friends who were celebrating their anniversary that same night, come over after their dinner and basically sat and watched us eat our dinner — which till this day weirded me out. Like, at that point, don’t come at all!

And this poor dress…this magical dress that lifted my spirits up for just a moment was up against some serious shit. Even though I looked great in it, I didn’t feel great. Which is NOT the dresses fault. Since this horrible birthday, I’ve worn the dress several times and it’s served me well. But my strongest memory tied to this dress was my 28th birthday. Every time I look at it, I feel that glimmer of giddiness when I first found it at the little boutique, but then the birthday memories come rushing in and wash all that goodness away. Which is why I have to say goodbye to her.

I hope she brings more joy to the next person who wears her.

To see what the dress actually looks like, click here: