[Product Series] the many Dropbox user-types

Atin Garg
2 min readMay 22, 2019


Another week, another Case Study & a problem to dig my teeth into. This time, about identifying different Users for Dropbox (not an easy task, given they have multiple products) & preparing an Interview Script for a User, to help cater to their needs further.

Alright, so first up — segmenting User Personas. While keeping it creative & memorable, once those names are thrown around across the company stakeholders!

Here’s what we nailed it down to:

Yes we really deep-dived into this!
I can relate to Startup Sameer.
The 5th & final user persona

These 5 User Personas covered all the use-cases across the products of Dropbox, across geographies. Quite handy now to use these to continue building & serving the community ahead.

Now — I wanted to test creating an Interview Script, aimed for my work colleague, to identify which Persona he would fit? Let’s see how we went about that:

Now, we wanted to classify our team colleagues who answered this Interview, into one of the 5 Personas mentioned earlier, so that its put to test:

So Mona Lisa = Freelancer Fardeen, and RamMohan = Enterprise Erin!

Quite a handy exercise again.