Experience, as a great teacher

I learn from experience like almost all the time, leaving my house daily I look forward to experiencing new things.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Lately, my writing has been about my activities in the Andela bootcamp and as you know it’s been one of a kind. I’ve been led through different phases of training, ranging from having soft skills as a developer to using the agile methodology in software development and ensuring to follow the git work flow when versioning project. It’s not been an easy ride for me, some concepts were entirely new to me and I got to learn them and apply them almost immediately which is a new method for me as I always tend to take my time to study and get to a certain level before I implement, But then again this method has made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind too.

I have indeed experienced a lot in these past few days, and as a learner it’s been amazing to see myself catch on quickly in this fast paced environment. Some of the things that I’ve experience in this bootcamp that were completely new to me are as follows:

  • The importance of collaboration: I have been able to understand this concept as an essential part of software development. Often, a times software is not developed by a single person, people come together (Teams) to build things and it’s important you know how to collaborate among-st team members to enable a better delivery of the end product.
  • When in doubt, ask questions: There is no such thing as a stupid question especially when you are learning.
  • Be willing to help others when they are stuck: Lighting another candle doesn’t quench the fire. Teaching also makes you become better, be willing to teach and explain to others when they have blockers.
  • Seek feedback, be open minded, acknowledge feedback
  • Be flexible as possible in your learning, always be ready to embrace new concepts as Technology is always evolving, this is a very important part — Growth mindset

And in conclusion, I’m glad I made it to this bootcamp. A lot of things I didn’t know or was not entirely aware of, I know them now.