Interviews and what not.

The before, during and after.

Hi, so recently i tweeted about searching for a place to intern to help better my knowledge in web development, a place where i could practically learn and put my self acclaimed skills into use in order to get more comfortable with them as a web developer. Remember my post on restarting? Yeah, this was all before that.

Anyway, twitter as a big community helped me out a lot with this particular search. I got messages from people, replies, links, calls and stuff all asking me to forward my curriculum vitae for evaluation and all that. I was overwhelmed because me, as a person i don’t normally put myself out in the public,when asking for help or assistance. i’d rather just find a buddy or a lone soul to assist me. So, getting that amount of feedback, got me really positive and i was kinda sure something would come along sooner or later.

Some days later i got a mail, that i have been selected for an interview for the position of a front end developer. Ohm, I should have gotten cold feet, i expected myself to have a meltdown or something because this mail came after my restart edition when i had already made plans to start working on myself and all. i didn't think i was ready anymore, but now i had been selected. i tried a couple of times to turn my mind around from acknowledging that i would be available to attend because it was required, i just couldn't. Each time i came up with a silly idea why i should decline, i ended up countering myself. it was a long battle of whys and why not and at the end of the day i RSVP-ed .

So, I was ready. I mean I thought i was ready, i had checked out the company, looked up basic interview questions, even questions meant for the position i was called in for. It felt routine and basic because i really wasn't planning to go out of my way for this particular job, all i had in mind was just to be myself and be honest. Also, to take whatever comes out of it without feeling any type of way.

Interview — its normal to be nervous for this kind of stuff, right? sigh. i mean the normal feeling you should be getting is the nervous one, yeah? but i just wasn’t nervous, i didn't know if it was a bad thing or a good thing. i was just expecting myself to be nervous or jittery but all i could get was extreme calmness. I got to the company, made my way in, yet your baby girl was still calm. I think at some point while waiting i got the urge to listen to Davido’s fall while analyzing everybody coming in and going out. Guess what? I was still calm!!

Some minutes later, i was called in by some young lady she walked me to the conference room while trying to make conversation with me about my trip and if it was easy to locate the company etc. I still wasn't nervous. The door to the conference room opened, ushering me in to meet my interviewers and all the blood in my body flew out the window, like literally. i became a moving shell, i felt so inconspicuous, like i was this tiny pod in a big container. Man, i had never felt so lost in my entire life like i did at that point. I looked up and i saw three eager men looking back at me ready to chew me out with questions. At this point i knew i had to do something, like greet, but my voice was so tiny, one even had to say “you need to speak up so we can hear you.” Lol. I greeted and made myself comfortable as requested. Truth — i was not comfortable, i wanted to stand up and leave, no run. While trying to calm myself down, questions started coming in, Who are you? From a technical point, what is this, what is that? You know, all those type of questions. i answered everyone of them with a shaky voice and with every answer i started getting comfortable. From then on everything else went smoothly, we even made random jokes, shared basic ideas and i even got to ask questions.

Now, am home. Showered and well rested and, am like laughing at myself and wondering what the hell happened? Why did i go from super calm to blehh? What happened to my “oh am calm”, i need to be nervous and stuff nature? sigh. Wonderful experience. i enjoyed every bit of it except you know.

Meanwhile, Uber from Obalende to Ikoyi cost me 650n and after the interview i got a keke, back to Obalende for just 50n .

You see, wonderful experience!