If You Love Acting And Want To Better Your Acting Skills, Join This Theatre Group

Acting is an art and love for art is eternal. If you are one of those who gets deeply engrossed when you watch the gifted Ranbir doing a ‘Baarfi’ or Deepika yelling in his feminist voice in ‘Piku’ and you ponder over the thought, “I wish I could play these characters”

Then, my friend, this article is for you.

Life is a strange thing, you cannot be anyone but yourself. Remarkably, acting is that freedom that gives you the chance to be anyone you want. And who doesn’t want to enjoy this blessing?

Just any other form of art, acting, too, can be learnt and mastered with joy. All you need to have is passion and the zeal to understand human emotions. After all, acting is a wonderful way of exploring people.

Thus, if this curiosity really pinches you every day, then, we welcome you to join this theatre group, CRAZY FOR THEATRE, and you will be rigorously trained by the theatre experts.

Your leading mentor will be Niti sayeed, an alumini of NSD. She has been mentoring actors since decades and with this humongous experience, her lessons would be valuable to set a benchmark in the Bollywood and the theatre industry.

You can reach out to her at this email id: nitisayeed@gmail.com or 9810460366

Though art is a priceless gift, you will charged only 60, 000 annually.

So, folks, get, set, act.

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