Kamagracheaper.org Offers Generic Version of Erectile Dysfunction of Virility Drug through Its E-Store

UK — Kamgracheaper.org, a pharmacy from London, UK, recently started offering Kamagra and Tadagra, which are generic versions of virility drugs. The pharmacists have told the press that Kamagra is a safer alternative and that the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medicine has been lab-tested and certified as a no side-effect drug. The owners also claimed that Kamagra is a cheaper alternative and that it is 100% effective.

Kamagracheaper.org is a pharmacy that has products of two big brands, Ajanta Pharma and Dadha Pharma, in stock. The owners stated that the Kamagra pills and Filagra pills are both composed of Sildenafil Citrate, which is a selective PDE5 inhibitor that helps in systematic degradation of cGMP. “cGMP are the regulators responsible for muscle relaxation. As cGMP degradation is successfully prevented, the patient can instantly have normal erection”, said a senior researcher from the Kamagracheaper.org lab while explaining the benefits of the medicine to the press representatives here.

Kamagracheaper.org has been into continuous research and development of erectile dysfunction medicines since its early days. The owners of the pharmacy made it very clear that men who take nitrates, or are suffering from kidney or liver disease, or have heart conditions should not take the medicine. “The Generic Cialis is generally meant for everyone suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, certain people should refrain from using these medicines,” said a senior pharmacist.

One of the online marketers responsible for widespread social media promotion of the product appeared before a small group of press representatives here in London. He said, “Anybody who is toying with the idea of buying or taking Kamagra capsules should read Kamagra FAQ first. I think our very senior and learned physicians and pharmacists have explained everything in layman’s terms so that no one ends up in trouble. I request everyone who is considering buying this medicine to read the facts first and then take a decision”. He also indicated that the product can now be bought online and that the product can be shipped to buyer’s shipment address.

About the Company

Kamagracheaper.org is a pharmaceutical lab that conducts research on alternative medicines.

To know more, visit http://www.kamagracheaper.org/

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