Web Compatibility Sprint at AUST

Web compatibility sprint was held at AUST on 18th July, 2017 with a bunch of interested students to make the internet a better place. AUST Innovation and Design Club helped us to organize the event. One week before the event, we opened an event page on Facebook. We got around 75+ registrations and 250+ social impressions in Facebook event page. But as per our lab room capacity we could only invite 25 people to join us for the event. Before two days of the event, I found out that Alexa.com is not displaying top websites of a country for free like they used to do. One need to pay Alexa in order to view the top website list. So, I searched on Google for local websites and was able to find around 100 local websites.

Istiaq Ahsan from 29th Batch of AUST CSE, Founder of AUST Firefox Club and also a Ex-Firefox Student Ambassador, conducted the sprint. The event began with understanding participants about Mozilla missions and purpose of our web compatibility sprint. Participants were very excited to able to join the sprint. In all computers of the lab we have downloaded the latest Firefox and participants downloaded web compatibility addons. Participants had tested around 100 websites and filed around 26 compatible issues. The filed issues have been listed on Mozilla Reps Event page.

Our Head of Department of CSE, Prof. Dr. Shahedur Rahman was honourable guest of the event. He was very happy to see web compatibility sprint was held at AUST and Mozilla’s initiative to help people to learn the web and help the web to be better place for the users.

In the end I will say that it was a very successful web compatibility sprint at AUST. Participants learnt about the website testing, how to file bugs in github, how their filed bugs are helping the local users. Participants were very glad to participate in this sprint and eagerly waiting for more Mozilla events to take place in AUST.

After the event, we took some group photos. You will get all the photos of the event here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/123754239@N06/albums/72157685061856474

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