❈❈❈❈❈❈❈ Bangla Islamic Song And Al-Quran Bangla ❈❈❈❈❈❈❈ ❈ Best Islamic Rap Song English ❈ Mecca I Am On My Way Book A Flight I’m Trying To Stay ❈ Must watch ❈❈❈ Mecca I Am On My Way Book A Flight I’m Trying To Stay Pilgrimage For Five Whole Days But First Off I’mma Start By Saying This I’m Doing Hajj To Get Rid Of My Sins And This The Spot Where Prophet Muhammad(SAW)Lived Muslims From Around The Globe Everybody Wearing White Clothes Round And Round We Make Tawaf Run Between Safa Marwa Dreaming Just To Kiss The Black Stone The Place Where Islam Was Born I Swear This Place Feels Like Home Mecca Shines Bright Like New York Feel The Angrls Surrounding Me I Think, Sip The Zam Zam Water ’Cause Thats My Favourite Drink That Deen Squsd I’m Rolling With My Clique Throw The Pebbles At Shaytan And I Won’t Miss All Gotta Say Is Bismillah Going In Cancel All My Plans And Make Some Time For This Trip You Know i’m Gon Complain If You Put Swine In My Dish Akkli Jahiliyya Was Only A Phase For The Kid When Iwas Young Man I Was Dumb Committing A lot Of These Sins So I Go To Hajj So Now Its Just Time To Repent My Brother Jae He Going Hard With The Deen Wallahi We Started A Team Alhamdulilah Allah Found Us Muslims From Around The Globe Its Time To Purify Your Souls Mecca Here We Come Let’s Go ❈❈❈ Bangla Islamic Song & Al-Quran Bangla Facebook Page Link http://ift.tt/2k6V8v8 ❈❈❈ Please Subscribe My Channel ❈”Bangla Islamic Song And Al-Quran Bangla”❈ To Get More Beautiful Bangla Islamic Song.❈❈❈ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo8iH99buoybKo34zPJOQLg

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