Putting Yourself “Out There” Will Be Off-Putting to Some

Putting yourself out there in a real and authentic way is tough to do. If you are like me, you speak to an individual one way and then you may speak to someone else in a completely different manner. Many people want to post more on social media. I mean, it was a goal I had in mind as well. I really had to ask myself “why?” Why put my personal life on display for others to potentially criticize? I really didn’t think it would have come to being criticized. I just wanted to share my challenges, risks, failures, and successes with the world. I am finally connected to the thought of experimenting with my life. Like I have said in previous posts, I want to be better. For my family and my friends. Never ending growth is what makes this life so exciting to live. To go out and really accomplish things. When I say accomplish I don’t mean to get an award and display it to the world. I mean, to face a fear “head on” and overcome that fear. Many people have a fear. For a lot of people they are afraid of rejection. I don’t want to be afraid of anything. You guys hold me accountable to face my fears. If I did not share my journey, I would not feel motivated to pursue it. Now, recently I have been able to process why there is backlash against putting yourself out there on this type of platform. Here are my thoughts:

In real life, we have different types of conversations with different people/personalities. We adjust what we share with certain people based off of their interests. You build that relationship on the things you have in common. If you develop that relationship into a friendship you begin to take the things that they are not interested in into account and don’t try to bring up their disinterests. It is human nature. That’s what makes our human-contact conversations with people so effective in building that relationship.

When you are posting online, you are speaking about all your interests to a general audience not a specific personality. When you talk about your overall passions and interests some people might be turned off by what you are saying because you don’t talk like that to them in real life. What they might not realize is how sensitive to their interests you are in person when communicating with them. For example, if you have a vegetarian and meat lover in a conversation, their subject of conversation will probably not be about food (initially.) What happens when the meat lover snaps a photo of his bacon wrapped filet and posts it on instagram? The vegetarian could be disgusted, thus placing a wedge in their next interaction. The vegetarian now finds the meat lover to be annoying and may try to avoid the meat lover in real life. To the meat lover it was just a great dinner with great company and didn’t mean to offend.

What I didn’t realize was that customizable approach to building friendships in real life does not exactly apply in this Social World. You can’t really be everything to everyone publicly. Not everyone will agree with you and that is ok. So, why should I post my thoughts and ideas online if it will hurt real life relationships? Because by putting your interests out there (at scale) you may find some truly great friendships that you would have had a much more difficult time finding in real life.

Anyway, just my two cents :)

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