ACP-18 Support LUNA on Atlantis Loans BNB

About Terra Luna

Terra (LUNA) is a decentralized financial infrastructure and blockchain protocol that introduces some unique concepts and theories into the market. The network leverages a native token, stablecoin protocol, oracle system, and smart contracts to bring users programmable money for the internet.

The project offers multiple stablecoin options that provide instant settlement. To accomplish this task, Terra relies on a price-stability algorithm that actively alters the monetary supply of an asset to retain value. In this way, Terra can provide users with lower fees, more stability, seamless cross-border exchanges, and highly responsive financial assets.

What Problems Does Terra (LUNA) Solve?

Terra seeks to alleviate many issues currently faced by the world’s top stablecoins. For one, the network wants to reduce centralization in the market. Unlike the competition, Terra’s protocol functions across multiple blockchains. The network also seeks to remove technical limitations on these assets through its open financial infrastructure.

Benefits of Terra (LUNA)

Terra (LUNA) brings a lot of benefits to the market. Its decentralized and permissionless nature makes it ideal for the digital economy. The network offers competitive programmable payments, logistics, and an infrastructure designed to simplify Dapp and stablecoin development.


LUNA is the native coin for the Terra ecosystem. This coin serves many purposes in the network. Primarily, it’s used to operate the collateralizing mechanisms that secure the price-stability of the network’s stablecoins. Additionally, it’s critical in locking value within the Terra ecosystem through staking.


Terra (LUNA) is a DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) network. This designation means that Validators approve transactions and add blocks to the blockchain. For their efforts, they are rewarded in LUNA. To become a Validator, you need to be among the top LUNA holders. Those who don’t qualify for this designation can still stake their tokens and delegate them to a Validator to earn passive rewards.


Terra utilizes a community-based governance mechanism. Validators gain voting rights regarding vital network updates. These updates can include technical changes, upgrades, alterations to the fee structure, and more. Community governance mechanisms are ideal because they provide consensus support for proposals. Notably, any Validator can submit proposals to get voted on by the community.


We are proposing to add LUNA on Atlantis Loans BNB market with the following parameters:

Collateral Factor: 50%
Reserve Factor: 20%
Daily ATL emission: 17.28 ATL



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