Color me confused. Why so many?
Linda Caroll

I was born here in the U.S. and I was eligible to vote my first Presidential election in 1980. I voted. I vote in every election, local, state, and the big one. So I’m am as perplexed as you are by people who do not vote. What the Heck?! Isn’t democracy about voting your mind?

As a country we are always touting voting. We make movies about it. We write books about the power of the vote. We bark at other countries populaces to vote. Yet, as a group, WE hardly vote. My father has never voted. Not once!

Why is this? I’m sure we could write a hundred thousand words about the reasons and still not have an answer. It remains one of the great America mysteries. A dangerous one as we recently found out.

Yet we’ll get through it all, somehow. America has created a gigantic bureaucracy that keeps the machine of government moving despite who we elect. It’s called checks and balances, and yes it has been battered over the past few decades but it still comes back online in working order.

We can think deeper into it of course and yack endlessly about when it will fail or how we can maintain it but I don’t think we can motivate more people to vote. There seems to be a saturation point. As for me, I’ll keep right on voting my mind.

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