Part 1 — The Trump Solution

After you vote NO — the real work begins…

I said he wouldn’t make it past New Hampshire. 
I was wrong.
 So were a lot of other smart people. 
 But we cannot afford to be wrong. So from now on, No matter what happens, assume Trump won the November election. Even if he lost. Because him getting this far is a sign. Trump is a symptom to a social problem. A problem that is not rooted in ignorance, but rather in a deep cultural-neurosis. A neurosis that is based on the love of beliefs. Our nation is at risk because far too many Americans’ believe in believing.
 There is no question in my mind that Trump has the makings of a modern day fascist, and a tyrant. Nonetheless, I do not believe that the way to stop him is by attacking him, or his followers. The way to stop him is to reach out to his followers and to understand and share their frustration. 
 And this means we all have to take a step back and learn how to embrace the most misunderstood and disenfranchised segments of the American public. A voting block so large that they could take Trump to the White House. If it doesn’t, then the next Trump will come along who will be smarter and better at playing the political game, and he will win. 
 It is time to reach out to the working class white majority. The part of society who had it better than anyone (except the white collar class above them) in the 1960s. But since then has been pummeled by the slow and steady decline of capitalism. 
 In the 1960s the white working class had job stability, the ability to own their own homes, and a very real sense of security. The men in particular were franchised and felt as though they had some influence on society as a whole. 
 Around this time capitalism began to enter its final stage. It’s slow, but predictable collapse. It was soon going to reach its zenith. The point at which it created more capital than there would be opportunity to capitalize. This would push the exploitive nature of capitalism into full gear as it began to depress wages world wide in order to squeeze the maximum return out of every endeavor. 
 It is true that a narrow band of elite powerful white males have gotten us into the situation we are in today. Nonetheless, you should not conflate the white working-class with this small group of the elites. 
 Over the last 50 years historically disenfranchised and exploited sectors of society have been making slow but steady progress. This includes African-Americans, women, Latinos, and LGBTs. This progress is real, but much more needs to be done. At the same time that these very halting, but nonetheless social gains have been made the white working class has experienced a steady decline in their economic quality of life as well as a disenfranchisement of their political influence. 
 Imagine how it feels to have been part of a privileged class that has since lost it position. Wrong as privilege might be, try and imagine how frustrating it is to be to feel the stability and security you once had slip and erode away. The resulting frustration is a deep and angry scar running across the face of the white working class. That frustration is rational and justified. 
 That frustration is helping lift Trump to the White House. It could happen. It will happen, unless the liberals, the intellectuals, the college educated women and men, the black activists, the Latino organizers, and anyone else who can see Trump for the tyrant and despicable human that he is reaches out to the working white class and says to them, “I feel your pain. I share your frustration. you deserve better. Lets work together to build a new economic order that brings prosperity back to the masses!”
 Trump supporters may not remember the long, venerable history of the Republican party. Republican leaders have traditionally promoted fiscal and social policies the working classes supported. The party has changed. GOP principles have been hijacked by would be oligarchs. Now that capitalism has kicked the working class to the curb, these new disenfranchised cling to “traditional” values. We share those values: stable homes, community, faith, equity and freedom to pursue the American dream.
 Capitalism has been very good to men like Trump. Men like Trump have never cared for the needs of those of us who need to work for a living, to work for the dreams we all share. 
 And now this man, who regularly fights with the press for underestimating his great wealth, wants to become our elected leader. A leader of us all.
 He does this through the kind of educated speech those on the left don’t respect or understand. While we are baffled by “make America great again”, the disenfranchised white working class is emboldened. They further argue that this country has been great for men like Trump for generations.

Historically, when the masses are frustrated they will turn to authoritarian, potentially fascistic, tyrannical leaders. This, however, is a very self-destructive decision. We must convey to the working class followers of Trump that they deserve a solution to their economic woes, but that tying their futures to a madman is not the solution they are hoping for.

All we know for sure about Trump is that he is:
A xenophobe
A racist 
A warmonger 
Willing to ignore human rights 
A selfish and mediocre business man
Unintelligent about the constitution, and foreign policy 
A clinical narcissist
A clinical sociopath 
A tyrant 
A poor sport
A pussy grabbing womanizer and,
A very poor diplomat
All of these not only make him unfit for the presidency, they make him a dangerous man that shouldn’t be given political power.
 For all these reasons, and because his immigration and trade policies will tank the US economy, Trump is a not the one who can help get working class Americans what they need most: economic stability. 
 What he could do is start WWIII. He could plunge the economy into chaos. He could start a race war. What he is not qualified to do is usher in a new era of participatory economics. He will not create more jobs for working class Americans. 
 It is true that Hillary will probably not be able to do all this either. But she is unlikely to start WWIII. She is unlikely to start a race war. At best she might buy us some time. Time to for us to work together to build the America we deserve.

Time for a New Movement|

To begin this rebuilding of America we must reach out to the white working class and forge a new alliance. 
 An alliance between the intellectual liberals, the African American and Latino activists, the LGBT community and the working class Americans would be the most powerful voting block ever. We would have to look beyond cultural issues and see that we are intimately tied together by economic bonds. 
 We must create a new compact. We must say that our economy is broken and nobody is going to fix it for us but ourselves. Then we must get to work building the new shared economy based on neighborly behavior and genuine concern for everyone’s struggle. 
 America probably isn’t the greatest. But it could be. Because, America is great, and it can be much better. We can become a real world leader by demonstrating how to transition to new economic systems that are better for everybody. We can lead by showing how it is possible to heal cultural divisions and bring everybody together based on principles that unite all of us. 
 We can demonstrate that we are a better people than our awful political process is currently demonstrating. We can use the awfulness of these two candidates to finally bring us together behind an American Platform built on economic fairness and cultural bonding. 
 We may have to all hold our noses and vote for Hillary. She won’t solve our problems. We can, however, use the time to create change from the ground up.

It’s not on the next president. It’s on us.
 So I suggest we start a movement, a new kind of political influence, a new alliance between the coloreds, the spics, the illegals, the rednecks, the working stiffs, the queers, the orientals, the broads, the nerds, the bookworms and the unwashed. 
 Because we have many names and many faces, but we are mostly unnamed and unseen, I propose we call it The Jane Doe Movement

Part 2…. How to participate…