Community Update #20

There’s an old saying, time flies when you’re having fun — and that certainly rings true on Atmos today as we prepare our 20th update for and about our community. This week we shared more about the Atmos team with the next episode of our ‘Origins’ YouTube series. We scheduled recurring opportunities for community members to connect with the team and ask questions as well as planned a co-community poker rematch and more.

Atmos Discord Office Hours

As we test out even more ways to give our community access to our team, we are setting up what we’re calling ‘office hours’ with members of the team in the Atmos Discord. These times will serve as a casual “drop-by AMA” where you can directly ask members of the team questions about all things Atmos.

We polled the community to find out what general time frame would allow the most folks an opportunity to participate. The poll was open Monday through Thursday and we ended up with one clear front runner for the best time.

Therefore, on 11/14 we will be hosting the first of our regularly scheduled ‘office hours’ in the Atmos Discord at 11am (US PT). Drop by with your thoughts and questions and we’ll do our best to answer them there. Please note: the team does not answer questions regarding markets, prices, or volume.

If you can’t make it during that time or you want us to get a head start on your question, we will also be opening up the ‘AMA Questions’ channel starting Monday, so you can add them there as well.

Origins w/ Dylan Bushnell

We shared the third installment of ‘Atmos Origins’, our YouTube series opening the door to Atmos Labs, where members of the team discuss their motivations, backgrounds, and more. In this latest episode we speak with Atmos Labs’ VP of Game Design Dylan Bushnell. He talks about his background and history with games and the concepts and ideas that inspired him to become a founding member of the Atmos team.

“Replicating the AAA driving experience in 3D space has never really been done.” — Dylan Bushnell

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the full interview with Dylan as well as previous episodes featuring Atmos Labs’ Founder and CEO Kevin Beauregard and our Creative Director Tommy Lee Edwards. We will continue to post additional “Origins” content with other members of the team and more on this channel, so be sure to subscribe and get notified of new content as it rolls out.

Sowing The Seeds

We shared a peek into the seeds of creation from the sketchbook of Tommy Lee Edwards. We got to see how the artwork often begins with an abstract drawing, a general color palette, and some scribbled notes of direction before it eventually blossoms into the lush images we all see across the pages of Exordium.

We’ll be sharing more sketches and WIP from Tommy Lee and his team as we release more chapters and continue to tell the story of Exordium. And, if you’re an ODH you’ll have exclusive access to see even more of these sketches in the private ODH channels of the Atmos Discord.

Poker Tournament 2.0

Last week we hosted a Poker Tournament with members of our community and our friends from Mad Lads Guild. However, there was a slight mix-up with the starting time and the games began earlier than announced. Some folks were unable to participate because of it. Therefore, we have scheduled a rematch for 2pm UTC on Thursday, November 10 to give everyone another chance to join in. Last week we had many players participating in the tournament with us and we hope to see you all again for this one.

If you want to be a part of the tournament, just submit your registration and join us in The Good Greave (Atmos Discord) on the 10th for a live chat while we play.

Community Highlights

As always, we use this space to call out some of our most active community members. This week we call attention to one of our earliest members, Kryptonverse, for their inquisitive engagements and consistently positive interactions, as well as swanma2 who has been supportive and active in both the Chinese & English channels of the Atmos Discord. We always appreciate everyone’s engagements and interactions in the Atmos community. Watch this space to see if you’re the next Atmosian citizen we highlight.

The Long And Winding Road

We have an abundance of productivity happening in the background and we are thrilled to be able to share more of the results with you very soon. The road to building a new world is long and laborious but the journey and the destination are worth far more than their weight in ORE. Thank you for taking this journey with us. Until next week, LGL.



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