ATMTOKEN INC. believes the widespread international growth of crypto ATMs is a significant step towards providing a portal between government-issued fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, enabling global access to innovation within the financial sector. In synch with this goal, we are launching a new crypto-asset, “ATMTOKEN” (symbol: ATMT), Which will be the core of all transactions in the NEW Ethereum tokens ATM machine, including a dividend system from all machines transaction fees back to token holder’s wallet as ETH rewards.


ATMToken is an Ethereum token following the ERC20 protocol. We will take a conservative design approach in order to minimize the attack surface that complicated smart contracts present to hackers around the world. Furthermore, we chose not to use an advanced

Contract token architecture to minimize the number of ways the token and token-holders can be attacked.

Our token contract is available to view here


Getting Ethereum / ATMT has never been easier, Three simple steps

1- Scan your QR code. 2- Insert cash. 3- Send Tokens.

We are planning to use Lamassu ATM Machine, which is one of the best crypto ATMs with an open source and fully customizable software.

Pic From: Lamassu (Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer)

Here are some of its features:

1- 6mm hardened Swedish steel vault, 2.5mm steel enclosure
2- Advanced open source admin backend enables full remote control of machine
3- Top of the line anti counterfeit bill validation
4- Decentralized operation ensures no single point of failure
5- Holds up to 600 bank notes and accepts currencies in nearly 200 countries
6- Independence: Operation with or without third-party services
Pic From: Lamassu (Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer)


Implementing ATMT token as a gateway between (Ethereum & Other tokens) in the ATM unit and customers buying order.
Customers will be able to buy (ETH, ATMT, Many other tokens to be added to the software) and having ATMT converting assets will only increase its value/trading volume as its showing below

Options​ ​#1​​
buying​ ​eth:​ ​buyer​ ​pay​ ​7%​ ​fee,​ ​the​ ​machine​ ​will​ ​execute: usdt-atmt-eth-buyer
Options​ ​#2​​
​buying​ ​atmt:​ ​buyer​ ​pay​ ​only​ ​3%​ ​fee,​ ​the​ ​machine​ ​will​ ​execute: usdt-atmt-buyer.

The fees will be distributed to the ATMToken holders according the flowing rate

50% Investors

50% Development team (location rent, support and development, future plans)

ATMT Token Implementation


We are a team of Business relations, marketing and a blockchain developer based in sweden.
You can find more about our company in Linkedin

L. Oskar

Founder of ATMT.
Leo is the founder of ATMT, Graduate from Stockholm University 2008 Bachelor in project management. Long experience in sales and accounting management, former operator of 3 Bitcoin ATMs in Sweden and UK.

Berg Henriksson

Financial Advisor
Henriksson, the finance expert in our firm, he is accounting professional with 6 years experience in financial investment. marketing analyst and IT auditing.

Wisdom Oparaocha

Software Engineer
Wisdom is our smart contract developer, and the lead software engineer for He is ready to build and we are thrilled to have him apart of the team!

Stefan Åberg

Linux Kernel Developer
Elliot is very ambitious linux developer he has a wide variety of experience in the kernel. He will provide long term maintenance services and support to our ATM software.

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