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Date : 25/05/2017

Office of the President of Tanzania
Republic of Tanzania

Honorable President Sir,
Sub.: Fraudulent activities taken place in Tanzania
This is to bring to your kind knowledge and notice, I, (Aaron Chelladurai Samvel), holding Indian Passport bearing no. N3115787, was staying in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, with a Business Visa from 09 October 2015 to 20 March 2017, through CI Group Ltd.
During my service in CI Group Ltd., I have stayed for some-time illegally without any permit, and was caught by the Vigilance Immigration Officer several times and released by the Company head Ms. Zahra Nasser & Fayaz Nasser, Director of the Company.
At CI Group Ltd., during the last 2 years all the expats have been working without valid Work Permits, some under Business Visa and few under Visitors visa. Even after pressuring the company to provide us work permits, we were told it is in process. But we were informed by our administration colleagues the Business License of the Company had expired in June 2016, and were unable to submit any papers for Work permits. Even today, expats are working in the Company without valid permits (illegally). The following are the name of the persons, Mr. Ajay Vasudev, Mr. Shashi Upadhyay, Mr. Ashish Joshi, Mr. Mohan Gaikwad, Mr. Pramod, Mr. Radhae Shyam, Mr. Didar Karim, Mr. Manzoor Aslam, Mr. Shyam Nair.
There is no timing for working hours. 24 hours they are calling for works. They are not providing any weekly holidays or public holidays. CI Group Ltd. is creating bad name for Tanzania.
CI Group is not submitting correct Employees Provident Fund. For the sake of records they are depositing some small amounts. CI Group is having 250 + workers.
 The material CI Group is importing is undervalued to avoid tax. Billions of dollars tax aviation is done. CI Group is having turnover of 4 billion sales per month. But they are showing 40 million sales every month. I am requesting concerned government officials to check all the transactions of CI Groups with different banks. Everyday CI Group is using petty cash more than 40million tsh.
CI Group Ltd. is in the business of Printing and advertising solutions and promotions through its sister company M/s. MASOKO Ltd., controlled by local & Indian Origin business persons and doing fraudulent activities by way of cheating the Government authorities (TRA, Customs and Labour) and the workers.
During my service in CI Group Ltd, I was appointed as Printing Specialist. As a Printing specialist I have carried out all the duties and tasks given by Company Head and the Director. The Company Head and the Director have printed bogus ( forged) TRA receipts for CI Group Ltd., Masoko Ltd. and Supply Africa using the advanced machines in the Company, there are samples of about 10-15 nos. showing turnover of approximate 1 billion Tsh (Photocopy attached).
The directors Mr. Fayaz Nasser and Zahra Nasser are also having a contract of Delaru Security Printing company to print cheque books for banks government organizations etc. and any embezzlement can be done using this security press.
If the work given by the Company Head is not done, our monthly salary paid in Cash is held back and we are forced to do illegal activities (like working in company without work permit). For your information, my last 5 months salary is not paid and the Company Head has taken acknowledgement as fully paid, by using force of local hooligans. Like this they have done to several expat employees (names can be provided). They have all the original documents since 2009. Please verify everything. Cypriyan a local guy is the main culprit behind all these illegal activities who is working in CI Group Ltd. as screen printing production head. He is doing all illegal documents, TRA receipts and running behind police station with police complaints.
CI Group Ltd is forcing expats to do illegal things like fake TRA receipts, fake company documents. Duplicate stamping of business visa. Mr. Fayaz Nasser and Zara Nasser black mailing the staff by saying that we will put you behind bars. There are many instances that CI Group Ltd has put some of the employees in temeke police station by giving false complaints.
Request you to kindly advise your TRA authorities to conduct a detailed audit of the company records of CI Group Ltd., Masoko Ltd. and Supply Africa by comparing between accounts entered in Tally & monthly returns filed with TRA Authorities.
Since last 10 years CI Group is not submitted TAX returns even though many requests are sent by TRA officials.
The Company is encouraging fraudulent activities in all its Client locations in the country of Tanzania, by paying bribes to procurement officers to get more printing orders for the company (Clients names – Ministry of Health, TDL, TTCL, TBL, ZANTEL, TIGO, AIRTEL, VODACOM, HALOTEL, SBL, COCO-COLA to name a few). Respective Officials name can be provided, if required. All the printing orders were delivered less by 30- 40% and acknowledgement obtained for a higher quantity by paying bribes to the procurement and receiving officers. The bribes were paid at our office every week end, which can be checked from the Bank records, for cash withdrawals.
The Company Head has taken reports from me for Insurance claims, as all the machines were in working condition before floods, even though the machines were in damaged condition, and the same is repeated every year as damaged. Many containers of various waste materials like T shirts, ABS sheets, papers etc. are kept ready to claim insurance which is used again and again for insurance claim. Approximately 15 cars used every year for insurance claim. Every time these directors are saying we lost the documents by flood.
I am also informed by ex-employees; the company is into practice of fraudulent activities for over a decade under various names viz. Corporate Image Ltd., CI Group Ltd. and some other names earlier.
Hoping that Your Highness will look into this and taken appropriate action in the interest of the Country of Tanzania, by not allowing such persons to function in the country of Tanzania. I hope that action will be taken and all exploited ex- employees will be given their balanced salaries and perks.
Before last public elections they had done every preparation to leave Tanzania but any how they changed the plan. Please note that CI Group ltd directors have planned to run away from Tanzania shortly, they have got enough properties in Europe and Middle East.
As Tanzania Government is losing revenue of billions of dollars take very stringent action so that nobody will dare to do TAX aviation in future.
Yours faithfully
CC : All the respective Client HOD email ids.,
Mr. Fayaz Bhojani, FB Attorneys.,
Aga Khan Foundation (Tanzaniya) fax: +255222668527, PO Box 125, E-mail:,
Hon. Charles Jhon Mwijage. PO Box 177 Kamachumu, E-mail:,
Hon. Job Y. Ndugai. Phone : +255222112538, E-mail:,
Ministry of Industry / Trade and Investment. PO Box 2996, Fax: +255262963117, E-mail:,
All the concerned departmental heads Government of Tanzania,
World trade organization,
External affairs Government of India,
All Newspaper publications viz., The Guardian Tanzania, The Daily News, Tanzania News Today, Tanzania News – Swahili.

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