Relating it to my previous post this shall help you understand why I term Product Management as PPM

I had tried to pen down my thoughts on PPM as why I find Product Management to be driven by Passion than just by skills in my previous post — moving further on the same I bring down my thoughts on the questions that are critical for those who are trying to be a PPM or are still oblivious of the term PPM

Why What and How of PPM?

1. “Why” part of PPM?

I will start with the reasons why I feel the PPM role is critical

PPM is not a role that is very conventional and well defined like other departments, you have people in your team who are taking care of certain responsibilities that impact the business in direct or indirect way be it like sales, development, operations etc, what I feel is — PPM is an amalgamation of thinking hats of all these roles — your need PPM who are neutral and evaluates every step or decision based upon facts, data and logics. A PPM is an internal voice of the customer — these are the people who are of the consumer, by the consumer and for the consumer. As a PPM you are not keeping your consumer at the center of your vision, mission and objectives then I believe you are fundamentally not doing what a PPM should be doing. The first step to build such an approach is to start analyzing your personal preferences and behavior along with of people around you and then extrapolate it to the universe that you can cater to.

An important Why? Is also a very important decision making parameter for any PPM

A typical day for PPM starts by checking the health of the its product — how are things performing, comparing them with previous results, looking for insights from the daily data, trying to understand the user behavior in more depth each and every day.

With so much of data and insight it’s very vital to analyze and use the meaningful data and leave the clutter.

At times PPM does not have all the data they need for example, doing something radical that currently does not have any base to compare or define metric, such key decisions cannot be taken based upon any bias or a gut feeling. It’s important to define the basic questions of starting anything — Here comes the role of Why in PPM?

Start such projects with the question of why you want to do this or why you should invest yours and your teams effort in so and so thing and why not do something that’s measurable and clear?

The Why questions defines the base for anything that is to be started, In simple terms this could be very much in contrast to the vision you follow.

As a thorough PPM you should be able to define the Why statement clearly and communicate the same across all the team and department from top to bottom.

2. “What” part of PPM?

Now that you have defined the “Why” part as why you want to do something the next comes in the “What” which covers the next big question the What? This is further split in two parts

- What is it going to do?

o This question basically defines the functioning of what you are building what features is it going to have and what exactly it is going to do

- What impact it can create?

o This part is completely correlated to the above point, which helps in defining the size of impact or the first level coverage of your product

The two parts combined built the complete question of “What”

I will be further making it even simpler with an easy example in the end.

3. The “How” part of a PPM?

All these three points are actually in a hierarchy only starting with the WHY, moving to the WHAT and reaching to HOW

Now that you know why you are doing something and what exactly you are going to do the next set contains the path or you may also call the roadmap of how you are going to do?

A simple statement in this scenario could be like:

o First I am going to collect my user information

o I am going to understand my users

o Understand the strong points and weak points

o Map my solution to the requirement

o Built my requirement

o Test my requirement

o Launch my requirement

o Take feedback

o Measure satisfaction

o Improve further

The set of points mentioned above built the “How” aspect for a PPM

Let me simplify all these questions with an easy example:

Let’s say you are a PPM for a product like a Fitness Band, For an ideal PPM the simple structure could be like this:

The story line for a PPM does not stop here in fact these are the base of starting anything and everything for a PPM.

These are the basic fundamental questions that your product should be able to deliver at the core — all other features and services are built over the core purpose only, so it’s important to define the core values perfectly and never deviate from it.

Hope my posts help you in some way — Please feel free to write for any feedback or support.