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Atocha Protocol
3 min readMay 7, 2022

Who can participate in Atocha Protocol IDO on Skyward Finance?

  1. $NEAR token holder with activated Near Wallet.

How to Participate?

  1. Get ready your Near Wallet.
  2. Fill your wallet with $NEAR (the amount that you would like to spend on buying ATO and some as gas fees).
  3. Head over to Atocha Protocol IDO listing on Skyward Finance.

Important Dates and Time

  1. Deposit Stage: NOW — 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC)
  2. Sales Stage: 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC) — 25 May 2022 (0000 UTC)

What are the offer details and allocation for the IDO?

  1. Single pool with 5,000,000 $ATO (5% allocation of total genesis supply)
  2. There will be no FIXED price for $ATO offering as it is an auction-based IDO.
  3. There will be 200,000 OCT token Airdrop for the participants.
  4. 0.04 OCT will be airdrop for every 1 ATO purchased (as per the ratio)
  5. ATO Coin claim from the IDO will be available after the end of IDO.
  6. OCT token airdrop will then be processed by the Octopus Network team (the hard date will be announced once we get confirmation from the team)
  7. OCT token will automatically airdrop to your Near Wallet used to participate in the IDO.

Tutorials for Participating Atocha Protocol IDO on Skyward Finance

  1. How to Deposit $NEAR on Skyward Finance?
  2. How to create Near Wallet?

Atocha Protocol Brief Introduction

What is Atocha Protocol

Atocha Protocol is a specific usage blockchain that is built on Substrate and hosted on Octopus Network (a sidechain on Near Protocol). In short, Atocha is a puzzle game blockchain that is built for creating, solving, and sponsoring puzzle games. The protocol is aiming to become a global puzzle game hub that can host multiple great puzzle game Dapps that we are familiar with like Word Puzzles, Number Games, Treasure Hunting, and Social Deduction Game. Started by a team of puzzle game enthusiasts, the project has gained recognition by winning the Octopus Star Prize with $50,000 grant and is also a proud recipient of Near Foundation grant worth $50,000.

Tokenomics of Atocha Coin:

Basic Details of Atocha Coin

Ticker Symbol: ATO (Atocha Coin)

ATO Token Address (NEAR): atocha-token.near

ATO Token Address (Aurora): 0x2ab98d9ea81af20037af1a4f43cc3e6977545840

This is the token distribution chart of Atocha Coin for the genesis launch. A total supply of 100,000,000 ATO will be minted for the different usage as per the chart. 43% allocated for community use (including marketing and community), 22% allocated for investors (including Seed investors, Strategic investors, and IDO investors), 15% allocated for the team and lastly, 20% allocated for Octopus Network validator rewards (estimated to last for 4 years)
The token vesting for Atocha Coin will be as shown above. The total maximum circulating token supply upon the end of IDO will be 10%, amounting to 10,000,000 ATO. The parties that will be receiving ATO are: seed investors, strategic investors, IDO investors, and airdrop beneficiaries. The validator and team will be receiving their ATO allocation in monthly linear vesting.


NearPad IDO: 10 May 2022 (0000 UTC)

Skyward Finance IDO: 11 May 2022 (0000 UTC) [Deposit]; 18 May 2022 (0000 UTC) [Sales]

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Atocha Protocol

Web3.0 Puzzle Game Protocol that is built to inspire the curious minds around the world. With Atocha, you can build, play and sponsor puzzle games!