Russia/Ukraine: Measurement of Arsenal is an Evil itself.

Quite sure that 80% of my readers have a grasp of what's going on between Russia & Ukraine, whether it's a media propaganda of who's right and wrong, or it's a show of power, it's really not what I want to interfere in.

If I was in the field of Philosophy like my Dad, one of the fields of logic that I'd be interested in is Evil. The origin of evil, the practices of evil etc. Because I keep wondering how a perfect creature like man is so evil than the creature of evil. It's sad, or has the creature of evil possessed man so hard that the creature of perfection doesn't have a will of his own again?

Since the spike of the invasion cum war, I've reduced my attention on the stakeholders of the tumult. I decided to listen to the non-players, the people most especially. What have they brought out of the war?

As people are mis, dis & informed about the war, what they are making out of the war isn't different from what the stakeholders are making out of the war. The show of power, the love for power, the beauty of war, the corral of the minority, the ignorance of pains & the support of Machiavellianism.

I read through some comments, newsletters & posts since the inception of the tumult, the rate at which people were measuring the strength of the Eastern armory vis-a-vis the Western bloc is morally nefarious. I saw stuffs like the US has more military base than Russia, I read also that Russia has more tougher allies & more Weapon of Mass destruction (WMD). Who cares about these stuffs? It's men using evil to prepare for evil days, yet call it national defense strategy.

The public measurement of these arsenals is basically for what? We are probably hoping that a world war would erupt in Europe again where we will have to measure polarity. We want them to keep showing their power so we can support one over one because of his armory, like a boxing match right? There's this cognitive dissonance that I see in men. We support sports like boxing & wrestling because we like the scenes of fight, battle etc yet when our children fight at home, we shun it. First of all, the moral justification for extreme sports that demands a show of fist strength, body strength should be engaged. How can we allow these things to exist & we shun a global fight. It only shows the inherent nature of man to be evil.

I don't see why we don't seek out for positive things in the world but negative things. When we watch boxing & we measure Gregor's accolades over Mayweather's matches, you force them to continue to train more so they can be unbeatable. The more they are unbeatable, the more their opponents are forced to do all sort of evil like taking drugs to engage them on the ring, even when laws bars the use of drugs for sports like that. Nobody wants to lag behind. It's the same on a global scale.

We don't like war because it only increases the level of sadness in our world. Can we stop measuring the level of man's evil. It only shows our support for more evil than small evil. Evil is evil. Look at this analogy also. Deep down, we don't want the Nigerian government to interfere because we know we don't have the same power as these Europeans but deep down, we want North Korea to involve themselves, we want the US to take more actions, we want more countries involved not because we really want resolution, it's because we like the sight of evil. It's the inherent nature of man looking for more evil to feed on. Look deep down, how that you support evil without knowing you support it and denying that you support it.

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