Being a genius himself is difficult

Maybe you’ve been heard the word ‘genius’ in your life. It could happen when you were a child or you did something well. Countless geniuses are appeared and disappeared again and again. In those kids, there is a obviously genuine genius who knows how to be a genius.

In the movie, ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’, hero child is a chess genius. but in the process of being a genius, he lose his way. At that moment, If he couldn’t find a solution, that kid would be a normal person. But his parents, chess teacher and that genius kid think finding a way to be a genius is not for real genius. Just doing as usual. Then, that’s the genius’s way.

Sometimes people think they have to do something special. Stopping smoking, working out regularly and etc. It can help them develope themselves. But sometimes abandoning you to the mercy of the waves. Water may give you the way to go. Think easily. We have only one life to do. DO WHAT YOU WANT. Even if you are genius.