Adam \[._.]/
Oct 25, 2017 · 1 min read

This raises more questions. I’m very unclear what will happen now after the fork.

Will the BTC GDAX ticker still be a reference to the current chain or might it switch to the Segwit2X chain at some point?

Assuming Coinbase/GDAX will be running both current Bitcoin and Segwit2x nodes, will the BTC/Bitcoin purchases and trades possibly switch between these chains as the market fluctuates?

Will GDAX freeze trades during this transition to avoid the possibility of trading on the wrong chain?

This is way more confusing than the previous statement that the current chain will remain BTC while the new chain will be listed as B2X. Are you saying that you might start referring to the B2X ticker as “Bitcoin” and drop the BTC ticker (or call it something else entirely)?

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