Who you optimise your platform for is probably what’s ruining it. Do the reverse.

You may have noticed a flourish of “premium” or specialist freelancer platforms lately.

It’s an obvious problem to solve; everyone who’s looking to outsource creative or development work complains about how hard it is to find talent.

The video call was about developing a niche specialist platform within a particular medium.

As the wireframes came through and we discussed the business model and features, it became obvious that this platform was falling prey to a typical thought-trap that affects a lot of startups when it comes…

Friends, founders and product owners. I love you all.

But if you stand in front of a mirror as say “AI” as part of your app store or website value proposition copy three times, I will come for you.

You know who you are.

“X is an AI powered journal”

“Y is an AI powered mindfulness app”

Users don’t care about your stack or technology any more than they care if you use sketch vs photoshop for graphics.

They care about what it does for them.

Why bragging about tech hurts your sales

  1. If you can’t demonstrate you understand your customers needs in the copy of the app store or your website…

The hubs and I had a discussion a few weeks back, about Etsy, of all things.

No, not a “I bought too much shit from Etsy” discussion.

A discussion on it’s economic model.

And a lot of it reminded me of the talking points I hear tossed around in startups, in tech culture, on work culture in general.

It basically came down to how economists model success in business. It’s based on money passing through as many hands as possible in a chain of production to market, and that business needing to scale by mass producing it’s products.

He said Etsy was didn’t make sense for the economy or the vendors because it minimised the number…

Designing for a state of flow

A while ago, I went nuclear on every notification on my desktop and iPad. I killed them all, apart from one slack channel, which by default is not open. I check into it at intervals that work for me.

I did this because I realised these notifications were a constant distraction — I was either:

  • trying to ignore them and complete the task I was doing
  • Interrupting what I was doing to read them then complete my task with a mind to reply at a good time
  • or replying immediately and forgetting what I was last doing

In all cases…

(and Theresa May)

This article was inspired by a small article in the The Times a while back (I’m not able to find it today) which claimed that it wad “Bad Data” that cost the conservative party votes in the snap election. I’d been joking about how the Evil Queen from Snow White was the most metric driven villain for a while before, so without further delay..I present to you ‘Everything I learned about “bad data from the Evil Queen (and Theresa May) ”’

1. Start with a goal

In both Teresa’s and the Evil Queen’s case, their goal was the same: to rule the land. …

There are two ways to make solid design decisions, but I’m going to start by telling you the wrong way, the way that too many companies use because it feels safer and easier.

There’s a way that’s guaranteed to crush the soul of every person in the project and result in unambitious, bland, ultimately forgettable products and increasingly lower standards within your team.

That way is Consensus.

“Consensus: “The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner: ‘I stand for consensus?” …

Stakeholders don’t always know what’s going on on the ground. And before social media, they didn’t care.

This is not profound, just a story from my own life to demonstrate why I do believe Ja Rule had zero clue as to what was being organised, because I’m 100% sure B.A would fricking die if they actually knew the hell they paid someone put their customers through while thinking this was “care”, but I didn’t have the energy to go into it almost ten years ago when I got back home. And besides, other stuff happened almost immediately when I did get home making my travel story the least of my concerns — but that’s for another day…

Parrot for President

My parrot’s name is Floki and he is our future president.

“My fellow Americans” #Imwithhim.

Folki was born like you and me, helpless and small. Except for having a beak and claws. And hatching. But we will overlook that for the sake of “the narrative” of feeling represented by President Parrot. Because he’s an outsider, and his election will be a powerful symbol to the elites that their convoluted lies and corruption will no longer be tolerated.

I mean, you can’t get more symbolic of change than a different species.

Folki was never given anything growing up— except for the stuff we gave him…

In the last few weeks I’ve seen what I can only call algorithm anxiety. The algorithm is fracturing society by bubbling us in echo chambers.

Well, I’m going to tell you why it’s not Facebooks or Googles fault people are “bubbled” and why changing their algorithms:

1) will make no difference to the outcome;

2) would be a terrible idea for free discourse;

3) and what strategy might help better inform people.

So let’s jump right and and talk about….

The bubble effect

The bubble effect has been in place almost as long as humanity itself. …

After Amazon’s physical book stores, Barnes and Nobel plans a physical Nook store to be launched this year.

One of the challenges of that (prototype) store is going to be the digital experience,” CEO Boire told conference-goers. “I don’t think until you’re fully connected — mobile, desktop, and store — that you’re going to be providing the full experience. That’s our goal.

I love their angle on connecting their physical stores to their e-readers. Waterstones had these boxed ebooks on shelves that you had to take to the counter, pay for, and then download via in store wifi. …

Moodthy Alghorairi

@atomicbutterfly is a digital product designer, consultant, parrot mama, runner, and carb lover. Also on http://wyld.media/blog/

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