She is healthy,
She is on the receiving end of my disdain for multiple reasons, none of which are because she lost…
Stefanie Williams

PSA: you can’t know if someone is sick or not by looking at them or their social media account. A lot of health conditions that impact living options (such as the ability to work a side job over the weekend or the need to live alone) are invisible. 
You can run 10k on Instagram, and still be disabled by not showing the scenes in between the photos. And who would blame anyone for not wanting to disclose and be blamed for being “crazy” or “not really sick enough” or even “too sick to hold down a job/live away from home”. These are all side issues distracting from the case of non-living wages being legal, irrespective of whether someone chooses to accept them or not.

Her choices, her expectations, her word choices, even her personality, don’t alter the fact that *minimum wage should equal living wage*. Or do you *like* the status quo?
PS. Do I look healthy or disabled to you?

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