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Atomic Ethereum

Dear Atomic Ethereum Community,
❝The Atomic Ethereum Announces the Airdrop of 50 Atomic Ethereum Tokens ($50 USD). We are excited to announce that Atomic Ethereum will be Airdropping $AETH Tokens to its supporters! To receive the Airdropped $AETH Tokens, participants must join our official Telegram Group and Channel, follow us and retweet our pinned post on Twitter. Every successful participation entry will receive 50 $AETH Tokens.

JOIN NOW Airdrop Form

The Atomic Ethereum is a store of value built on the Ethereum blockchain with deflationary characteristics. Whenever $AETH is transferred, 1% of the amount is burned. This built in self destructive functionality increases the assets scarcity over time, and is hard coded directly into our monetary structure. Please visit for more details!

If you want to receive $AETH tokens instantly, you can join our Selfdrop campaign. We have two campaigns: Airdrop and Selfdrop. Airdrop is totally free. But selfdrop is not free. We reserved 200,000 AETH Tokens for selfdrop. We will use this funds for Exchange listing. Please send desired amount of ETH to the ethereum address for receive tokens instantly.

◆Details on what you should do to be eligible for the Airdrop (Step-by-Step Guide):
1) Join Atomic Ethereum Telegram group ( and Telegram channel (
2) Follow Atomic Ethereum on Twitter (
3) Retweet our pinned post. Please add comments using the following hashtags: #atomiceth #aeth #eth #erc20 #ethereum #airdrop #noico and link to our website:
4) Fill out the airdrop form below with your details.

◆Airdrop Rules:
1) Complete all steps of the form.
2) Spam in AtomicETH’s Telegram group will result in immediate ban from airdrop. Do not promote other project/links.
3) ETH wallet address has to be ERC 20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.
4) Don’t forget to join our Telegram group, follow us on Twitter.

◆Eligible for the Airdrop?
Everyone is eligible, provided you complete the steps outlined on the registration form.


We reserved 200,000 AETH Tokens for selfdrop campaign.
We will use funds for Exchange listing. Token price is $0.1 USD.
💥0.05 ETH = 100 $AETH
💥0.1 ETH = 220 $AETH
💥0.5 ETH = 1200 $AETH
💥1 ETH = 2500 $AETH
💥1 ETH = 15000 $AETH

Please send desired amount of ETH to the ethereum address below:


You will receive your AETH tokens instantly!

✔Token Name: Atomic Ethereum
✔Token Symbol: AETH
✔Decimals: 1
✔Total Supply: 750,000
✔Smart Contract Address: 0xb7742216e874c7c33f608c41e625b01a6f323570
✔Token Listing Price: $1 USD.

✔Telegram Group:
✔Telegram Channel:

Atomic Ethereum Team

Atomic Ethereum

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A deflationary decentralized store of value based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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