I agree, it’s been this way for years though.
Rolf Nelson

I think another problem that is very much related is that Dribbble is, first-and-foremost, a popularity contest. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dribbble, use it every day, and the quality of the work is fantastic. BUT (there is always a but) it is frustrating to see well-known designers get accolades for posting mediocre work while some really amazing work by unknown designers goes unnoticed.

To put it bluntly, there is a lot of ass-kissing that goes on and I think it detracts from the usefulness and appeal of the site. That isn’t in any way Dribbble’s fault. It is also probably unavoidable because it is just human behavior, but I’m much more interested in the quality of the work.

Like many creatives, I can have thin skin sometimes and on certain days honest feedback stings a little bit. But it can also be very valuable so I’d prefer to have actionable feedback over “That is so sick”!