Atomic Wallet Pre-Alpha Release

Atomic Wallet: Future for Cross-Chain Swaps

We are excited to announce that our multi-purpose wallet with integrated atomic swap exchange, is coming to the market quite soon. An expected pre-alpha launch is coming very soon. We are ecstatic that Atomic Wallet is expanding upon and improving the cross-chain various swap options. Our aspiration is to become the go-to source when it comes to everything swaps. There are several different factors that make Atomic Wallet stand-out.

Key features include:

  • P2P exchange
  • Light wallet solution for 200+ tokens and 50+ coins
  • No registration required
  • Unlimited transaction amount
  • Exchange assets via instant exchangers such as and ShapeShift

Since we are still in the pre-alpha stages, included is an Atomic Exchange UI demo. This will allow the users to get a feel of what Atomic Wallet is all about. Users will be able to get first hand access here and experience Atomic Wallet.

The amazing features of Atomic Wallet aren’t just a figment of imagination regarding its success. Atomic Wallet has the results to back it up. A recent test run transfer featuring Litecoin and Decred project resulted in a unanimous stamp of approval. This news bodes well for the future and all the users of Atomic Wallet.

We believe Atomic Wallet has all the features and the results to make it an instant success.

Be sure to sign up for the pre-alpha HERE!