A Month in Code School

Working for the school, I would tell people joining The Iron Yard that they were embarking on a simultaneously very long and very short 3-month journey.

I had a sense for that paradoxical experience of time due to supporting students from the outside as Campus Operations Manager. But now I am living it, and feeling the paradox from the inside out. To think I am a third of the way done is pretty mystifying. It feels like we’ve just begun. And yet, I’ve already learned so much.

Learning to code really is learning a new language. After living a month in JavaScriptland, I’m starting to become conversational in it. I can recognize and utilize variances in dialects, too, in both vanilla JavaScript and some JQuery. Having watched a bit of React tutorials on Youtube, I’m looking forward to learning that in class soon. I sense it’ll resonate with what I’m really enjoying about coding, and help ease and amplify the creation of smooth functionality with pleasant, engaging UI.

As far as the emotional experience goes, code school has induced feelings that range from self-doubt and let-downs to confidence and huge wins. It can be very frustrating battling with homework that won’t budge for hours. But when revelation and understanding prevail, breakthroughs happen. You can feel yourself leveling up with your knowledge, and with that comes power — power of creation. Creating not just apps, but creating the life you want to live.

Learning to code is learning a skill that can take you where you guide it to. Staying dedicated and focused on where you want to end up is rewarded handsomely in this field. And I don’t mean simply monetarily. This is the kind of career where you can work on impactful and inspiring projects, whether their entirely your own or you build them as part of a company’s team. You can literally build a better world if you position yourself right.

For now, I’m enjoying changing my brain. I’d heard it said a bunch of times, and even told others it may happen to them… So I wasn’t surprised when I first dreamt in JavaScript. Now it’s common for me to wake up with the tangible, physical feeling that my brain has been working through problems while I’ve been sleeping.

The brain is an amazing thing. It’s as if it’s not only running logical sequences when I’m not consciously telling it to, it’s also listening to my heart’s desire to grow my understanding, and insodoing, growing itself and its abilities.

Thanks, brain. Thanks, Brian (my instructor), too! Overall, I’m feeling grateful for this experience of growth and expansion and am excited to see where I’ll be after 2 more months.