It is not enough to speak about a belief in equality, justice, liberty, tolerance and love if by your actions you are illustrating the opposite by dehumanizing people, calling for their murder, justifying physical violence against them. Your actions speak louder than words.
On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

Perfectly said. It’s important for people who have behaved this way to realize that it’s a behavior we are all susceptible to at any moment. That’s part of the primary role of the Amygdala. More important is to not trick oneself into believing that its part of their own character, or something that needs to be defended, lest it be repeated. Rather, it’s an experience to learn from.

The same is true when we witness this in other people. It’s a behavior brought on by an environment. From there it can grow and evolve into any awful example of behavior on any scale of severity. It’s good to be able to identify such behaviors when we see it in someone (or a group), rather than deem it a representation of someone’s core character. Being aware of this can help us avoid the perpetuation of the cycle towards an eventual tipping point.

There is so much greatness in this entry you’ve made. Thanks for being vulnerable and brave by sharing this important lesson. Major kudos and respect. Thank you.

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