Do we stand up to technology that erodes our sovereignty, or do we do nothing and allow things to continue along this trend?
Attention Dubliners: We are all being spied on by a little known company on Camden Street… and…
Youssef Sarhan

Thank you for writing this. I believe we can use the same tools and technology to preserve our sovereignty. I feel if we simply try and fight/resist this type of usage, we as citizens will not be successful. We as citizens get to show corporations and governments how to use this technology like adults, not selfish children clinging to their “siren-servers”.

Like you, I want to further explore this topic in public discussion. I think citizens across the planet get to step into the role of collective-leadership by constructively utilizing the tools of today in ways our governments and corporations can’t. We have an opportunity right now as citizens to adopt new tech before it is evolved into something else by confused corporate habits and terrified governments that result in direct citizen detriment.

Citizens have never had this opportunity until now and it’s so exciting! However, this window wont be open forever. We have a moment here… We must not grow complacent with these kinds of issues. Our inactivity will help make the bed we’ll all be forced to sleep in. When companies use these technologies for their exclusive gain (at the direct expense of the everyday citizens they pretend to benefit) it simultaneously unveils another path away from that kind of usage. Citizen discussion and exploration of such paths are the seeds for constructive advancement. They need to be nurtured to grow. Thank you for leading by example.

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