Sometimes they must face the hard, cold fact that what they believe to be a horror is actually the only rational and humane cure for a hideous dilemma.
The Fentanyl Cure
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

That is not a cold hard “fact”. Nor is it rational. It’s a lukewarm hypothesis as best. This article did not upset me as you predict in your opening statement. Instead I feel highly unimpressed with your logic here and it bears the hallmark of someone who doesn’t have enough information on the topic.
Before I continue further, let me first say that I enjoy a great deal of your writing. I follow you for a reason. I have found a great deal of sound wisdom, food for thought and interesting perspectives within your writings. I look forward to reading much more of what you have to say.
This article seems to have gone astray from all that. You seem to have the puzzle pieces of this issue on the table, but have failed to put them together in any kind of helpful or productive way. It’s as if you glanced at the puzzle box and assumed you’ve got the whole picture.
What I find even more unsavory is your insinuation that people who become hooked on opioids, and can’t purchase their way out with pre-existing affluence, should seriously consider a sweet warm suicide death by fentanyl. Going so far as to back the statement with inaccurate presumptions that so many of these individuals have nothing to look forward to but a life of crime and suffering as their only alternative to your recommended suicide.
How much research have you done on the topic of Ibogaine treatments? How thorough and diverse was that research?
Or perhaps the documentary “Oxycodone Express” slipped under your radar?
What of the growing number of anecdotal reports of individuals micro-dosing psilocybin for 2 weeks during opioid withdrawal with resounding success? Even these reports, completely anecdotal in their nature are much stronger and constructive to this issue than any part of your message.
For me, your article essentially boils down to: “I don’t know how to address this complex issue, perhaps most of you people should use fentanyl to kill yourselves.”
Let it be clear that I respect you. However, it must be said that you are severely misguided and confused on this specific topic. That good Sir is a “cold hard fact”.
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