Atomo Kids is a genesis collection comprising of 155 hand drawn 1 of 1 Atomo Kids NFT’s walking the streets of the Ethereum blockchain, created by Pedro Baez. The kids are inspired by Pedros life experiences, showing off their finest fits, kids being kids and expressing themselves and their experiences through the language of love and style.

On the April 27, the kids officially hit the streets with huge success. With over 135 of 155 unique owners, the collection continues to strive in difficult market conditions.

On May 6, Atomo Kids surpassed 50 Ethereum in secondary sales, a huge acomplishment for a small collection size. To put this into perspective and compare this secondary volume traded with a 5555 collection, it’s equivalent to 1,800 Ethereum in secondary sales.

We continue to build on the foundations that have been established with the 155's.




Atomo Kids is a 155 piece 1/1 hand drawn genesis collection by Pedro Baez. Launched on OpenSea Now! AtomoVerse is a 5555 piece collection launching July!