Carl’s Jr.

Of the fifteen different advertising appeals, I think the one that this ad best represents is sex appeal. As usual for most advertisements using this appeal, the subject matter has nothing to do with sex. However, by linking a burger from Carl’s Jr. to an attractive Paris Hilton, it taps into people’s emotions and subconsciously gives them the impression that they will obtain sex through eating a burger at Carl’s Jr. It seems that there are a few different ways to use sex appeal to target consumers. The first being to draw attention to a company by featuring attractive people in them. A good example of sex appeal to draw attention would be the advertisements. Similarly to this Carl’s Jr. ad, the attractive women has nothing to do with the product. Go Daddy features women in their ads to attract business owners and other people to check the website out and see what it actually is. A more direct way of using sex appeal would be advertising for products such as viagra that are directly related to sex. There doesn’t need to be any utilization of subliminal messaging or grabbing consumer’s attention. The product is in the advertisement. The final way of using sex appeal is by subliminally linking sex to a product. When Carl’s Jr. uses as advertisement such as this, it is a combination of attention grabbing (by making the consumer interested in the burger) and subliminally linking the burger to sex.