GOP Debate

We both looked at articles about the GOP debate, one from Fox News and one rom CNN. In both sources, they talked about who came out on top and who came out short. Though, CNN chose to go with a more liberal stance than Fox News. CNN leaned more toward the left focusing on more of the social controversies of the debate and who had argument in that sense. They spoke of how Marco Rubio came out on top with great arguments in terms of foreign policy. CNN focused on Ted Cruz’s answer about immigration and such. The news cast focused more on left wing ideals within each candidate. On the other hand, Fox News decided to focus on the “winners” and “losers” of the debate. Fox News also covered Marco Rubio’s great success in the debate. Though, fox thought that his plan for the economy was the reason for his great success. Also, they focused on economical stances for each candidate overall. What becomes obvious from these two articles is both of the networks’ agenda. CNN is clearly more liberal than the far right Fox News and because of that, both networks have their own biases.

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